The Way

Why invest in a life of spiritual pioneering? In finding a way that is the only way, the one way, that is my way. The way not found in books or by the direction of some great philosophy or teacher.  The way that is the way I am. For me it is my confidence that it is the only thing I have to do. That in my life any success is tied to this pursuit. It is a confidence, like my shadow, I can not escape. It sticks to me whether I pursue it or not. I do not have another way to consider life. Every aspect of my wellness and health are tied to it. The only true contentment I have ever known is when I have been in sync spiritually. When what I have been given to do, spiritually, is done or being done. So what exactly do I think I am being asked to do spiritually? I do believe that I am charged to live a divine life. Not to live as a saint. If that were the case the opportunity is already spent. My expectation of divine living is to bring the temporal and spiritual aspects of life to full measure in one life. A life absent of merit and full of grace.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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