The Truth

Of all that is, the truth, is what gives confidence. Much is said about it and many claims are made about what is true. The truth does not need defending and it is not held captive by a sacred text. No one and no group is its keeper. Many lies are told and heaped upon it and yet it remains unchanged, it sustains all and is known by all. It remains a great discovery for all who would appreciate it. From the truth nothing is hidden. Its secret lies in its omnipotence. Its thread is the fabric of everything that is, that can be or has been. It can not be known by a sophistication of intellect but rather, we, all, are owned by it. Knowledge of truth is by mere acquaintance, grace.

Its quality is absolute. Omnipotent. No one can possess it. We are given to understand it, to appreciate it. It is its own proof and it creates its own evidence. In understanding its nature it will teach how to make a life represent it. It is not our prize, but rather, we are its prize, should we choose to accept it.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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