The Light

My last post was The Truth, it was proceeded by The Way and now of course I will finish the trifecta with, The Light. Naturally I really have no idea as to what I might write about the light. It is only when I have finished and posted it that even I will know.

The Light

There is a passage created by light. In the light the darkness of avoiding it disappears. None can approach it without being in it. It shows the way we are. This ‘way’ is the passage it reveals. It tells the story of how to be, we can not hide from how we are if we let our self be in light. We see our own difficulties and how to end our dance with them. When a person chooses the path revealed by the light they learn to dance in harmony, unencumbered by the fiction of difficulty. In this place, at first you may squirm. It reveals the one way and all impostors fade. The light is an act of ‘presence’ where what is, is allowed to be.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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