Why do I write this stuff? If I had my druthers I would keep it all hidden, private. Some of these posts can really tear me up. Emotionally. I have always kept it private. A handful of people, who know me personally, have known something of it. Anymore my life just does not work if this is kept inside of me. That tears me up more than putting it out here. So you see it is a bit selfish, a way to keep my stress level down and that helps me manage my health. Maybe someday I will learn to let go a little and it seems that this work may be helping me with that as well. So there you have it, I am just trying to live my life and get from one day to the next.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

2 thoughts on “Why

  1. Michael, you’re a talented writer, one who thinks and expresses deep concepts in understandable phrases. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Be bliss. ~G

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