Standing Room

Open the way making known to all the true identity given to myself. Using the structure of foundation reveal my ability beginning with control of the structure of the pyramid of circumstance. Secure the positions of this pyramid using the base to lift it into place. Using the higher chakras establish as my known person… wisdom. Allow justice and truth to permeate community releasing all conflict, restoring calm by the depth of justice. Present as my identity, my one self, revealing to all, who I am, as I reach the gate to let light reign. Fix identity to permanence attaching circumstance above the crown as the tide of justice fills reality.

We are made of water. Justice is its body. Sometimes we sink to its dark dark depths sometimes we choose to be thrown about on its rough and tumble surface. Between these two is the calm where all is known and understood. Some call it the Kundalini. I know it by a number of names and descriptions. My personal path includes the Kundalini but I know this place as the Key Of Solomon.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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