Truth and Justice

Located at the top of the sternum is the fifth chakra. It is powerful. I know it as The Sea of Justice and The Seat of Truth. One of its attributes is its connection to the third chakra, Ego. Ego, or the third chakra, resides at the solar plexus. Ego is the crown, the achievement of the lower chakras. It must give permission if we are to grow into the higher chakras. The water for this growth is Justice, we must accept things as they are. Acceptance is an attribute of the fourth chakra, Compassion. Compassion resides in its chakra at the center of the sternum. It is intended as a germ to infiltrate and bind the seven chakras as one. Ego, Justice, Truth and Acceptance are the key to this growth.

The fifth chakra, due to justice, (things being as they are and no other way), is connected to our ability to hear. Its attribute, truth, is connected to speech. These are spiritual qualities and both are silent. They are power. When ego accepts compassion it calms the Sea of Justice, the sky’s clear and light begins to infiltrate reality.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

2 thoughts on “Truth and Justice

  1. Mike I am new to all of this, although it mirrors my martial arts and spiritual training, would you explain for us “newbees” a little more indepth explanation of this subject? I would like to know more but you are on level 10 and I am at level 3 on this.

    thanks and please understand I want to know more its just a little out of my knowledge zone…
    but you know I love you and will make this journey with you as we are bonded in SR 1967.

    • You must have posted this from a different email address Rick as I am having to approve of you again. No problem, I apologize for the delay.
      Thanks for reading. I am learning as I go along. So just stick with me and we both learn something. You see as much as this is anything, it is a personal growth project Looking for my mojo… I left it around here somewhere.
      I am happy to discuss it at greater depth if you have a specific line of thought. It is not as if I am not familiar with this stuff.

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