Kundalini The Pillar Of Appointment

Truth And Justice

Located at the top of the sternum is the fifth chakra. It is powerful. I know it as The Sea of Justice and The Seat of Truth. One of its attributes is its connection to the third chakra, Ego. Ego, or the third chakra, resides at the solar plexus. Ego is the crown, the achievement of the lower chakras. It must give permission if we are to grow into the higher chakras. The water for this growth is justice, we must accept things as they are. Acceptance is an attribute of the fourth chakra, Compassion. Compassion resides in its chakra at the center of the sternum. It is intended as a germ to infiltrate and bind the seven chakras as one. Ego, Justice, Truth and Acceptance are the key to this growth.

The fifth chakra, due to justice, (things being as they are and no other way), is connected to our ability to hear. Its attribute, truth, is connected to speech. These are spiritual qualities and both are silent. They are power. When ego accepts compassion it calms the Sea of Justice, the sky’s clear and light begins to infiltrate reality.

My recent post, Truth and Justice, is reposted above as a reference for Light Gate – Acquaintance/Family and Place/Flesh – Spirit Gate. They belong together. 

Light Gate – Acquaintance/Family

After turning the key of acceptance truth and justice comfort the ego. The voice of truth reassures, the sound of justice quiets and the restlessness of the ego dissipates. Calm begins to rule. With calm comes light. On the brow, between the eyes, is a chakra. I know it as Light Gate, some call it The Third Eye. The calm realized by ego after crossing the bridge that restores Justice and Truth, allows the gate that is the sixth chakra to clear. When this gate, Light Gate, is open, light begins to permeate Justice and Truth. Ego, by the liquid nature of Justice, becomes saturated. Light Gate is considered a High Chakra its nature is spiritual. Its corresponding Lower Chakra is the second chakra, located at the sacroiliac crest. I know the second chakra as Acquaintance. This chakra and its quality of acquaintance is developed early in life beginning, of course, with family and prior to the development of Ego, the third chakra. It is fundamental. When the gate that is the sixth chakra is clear light reaches the second chakra, the appointment that is acquaintance becomes clear and the spiritual aspects of justice and truth permeate our person. It is important to note that the bridge between the higher and lower chakras is the fourth chakra, Compassion. Any attribute of Compassion received by Ego turns the key and unlocks the bridge between the higher and lower chakras. Compassion is a bridge because it is absolute. It only exists in an absolute measure. Always enough. Naturally once this bridge is crossed its attributes permeate our person along with Truth, Justice and Light.

Place/Flesh – Spirit Gate

I did not think I would include the first and seventh chakras in this post, but here I am. At one time I considered the seventh chakra as Heavenly Acquaintance but was never comfortable with that. After all ‘Heaven’ what is that?  Since then I have learned quite a bit about spirit and now see that the seventh chakra is a gate. Spirit Gate. It corresponds to the first chakra which is Place, Flesh itself. Obviously we begin to develop this in the womb. It exists before our person arrives. It is spirit that animates flesh and so you see the corresponding link between Place/Flesh and Spirit Gate. Those spirits that are of a good nature are acquainted with us through this gate, Spirit Gate. Should we allow the absolute qualities of Compassion to permeate our person binding the seven chakras, as one, we connect Heaven and Earth. We create the pillar that can be our appointed person, free of distraction. It is a realization, not an accomplishment. I see this realization as the Kundalini completed.

The first chakra is located at the pelvic floor and the seventh chakra is found just above your head, as a crown. It is directly above the pillar that is the spine.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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