Opening The Gate

These days, as I have blogged my life back into existence, have been very powerful. My grip of resistance is loosening and the path becoming more clear. My willingness to open my life to public view has long been the magic I considered taboo. It is also the cup from which I knew I must drink. How to do what I will not do has been my dilemma. The answer is always the same to such conundrums. It is in just doing it. There is no other way and so it is really a question of how to get there. It is in honestly asking the question, how, that we one day find that we have answered it, by the fact of doing it. I do believe there is great magic in crossing this threshold. The once powerful pieces of my life are suddenly reenergized as I choose to make my self known. Like turning on a switch. It has been there on the wall the whole while and I have been instructed of the importance of turning it on. Choosing not to do it I pretend to be confused about what is holding me back. This I think has been the piece I would not put into place. Now I can once again reach Spirit Gate, my chakras fill with Justice, Light and I wonder what lessons will be revealed. (You can read about Light, Justice and Spirit Gate in my recent post Kundalini The Pillar Of Appointment).

There are some things I have wanted to learn and now it seems that they must be learned in public. I have thought to put the cart in front of the horse in this regard. I have wanted to get everything done before standing in the open. It is not to be. If I take the journey alone there is no one to share it with. I have been to the mountain, and of course, when I turned there was no one there as I had traveled alone. I have shared what I have seen, but now, I think the next power, what I have yet to learn, comes from standing in the open. My only choice, as I push ahead and open my life, is to let go of the tension. It is tough because this makes me really uncomfortable, to be so open. I am beginning to think I must take the gate altogether off and discard it. That the true source of my tension comes from working so hard to secure the gate.

Magic. What do I think of magic? I think I will release it by choosing instead of a gate, a vast and open space. A place where what actually is, is given permission to self-present without the imposition of preconceived restraint. Preconceptions, such as my long-held insistence that I must be very tense about what I see and hide it from the public discussion. You see, I believe everything is magical. That everything is made of magic and we are its masters. This is why it is so easy to deny it and pretend we are without influence. Admitting this is how things came to be we are responsible, pretending we do not see this, the magic is used instead to create that ruse. Magic is powerful. Using it collectively to create a ruse, well that is a tough nut. I have no intension of cracking it. Let us see if we can turn the magic loose and watch it dance. Will you take this walk with me?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

2 thoughts on “Opening The Gate

  1. Yes I will take that walk with you, this is what I have been asking…..I think that your strategy is right….if in the open then you must be in the light, if you are in the light then only God can see you, and you know that you are not alone. I am your friend…..I will always be your friend. You have nothing to fear, but fear itself ( FEAR= Faluty Evidence that Appears Real) so understanding that , as you do, will lead you to “the next step” and in doing so you will lead all of us (your true friends) on the journey with you. I think you are on the verge of a great awaking ….as I revealed to you…I am half indian and have always had a certain feeling as to the earth. I do not see the earth as something to take from and leave it in worse condition than I found it. Open up your soul to us….we will never judge you…we cannot only the Master has that power……what has been done is just that done. You have a great power in you and I think that you are starting to be ok with that. Humble is what you are so expressing this will make you uncomfortable….however a very old and crusty electrician once told me that when a sword master is folding and beating the metal into a sharp and strong blade that none of this can happen with out it (the sword) being put into the fire. It is the fire that causes the sword to keep its edge. Before it was just a piece of metal, now it is a great power.

    • Thanks Rick. Glad you are here and my friend. I too think it will be a very rewarding journey and I share your Native sensibilities. It is not a better place unless we make it one and that is work well worth doing.

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