Creation Magic Now

Magic. I know something about it. It seems to me that everything is magic. Magic is what makes ‘being’ make sense to me. I can not see it any other way. Now is an obvious example of magic. Is is obvious that except for now nothing ever happens. Nothing will happen in the future and nothing happens in the past. The only time anything ever happens is now, the past and the future, by the quality of now, are contained in their entirety in the moment that is now. We scatter ourselves about in the past and the future creating a distraction as if there could be a time other than now, but there is not. Somehow everything that can be considered, experienced, is all there and yet we can not quite grasp it. If everything is magic then we are magical and the reality we experience is our magic. Our failure to appreciate this and use it for our best result is as a spell we have cast on ourselves. Now is how creation makes sense. If the only time is now and all that can be or has been is contained in it, complete, creation is just not a problem. It happens all the time. It is constant.

There is great power in now. I have heard from readers that I tend to be hard on myself. Do not mean to be and am little surprised that it is that obvious. I just write of where I am at, at any given time. Often, or usually, discovering where I am by writing. How I am can not help but bleed through but now is the magic. Should I discover a way to deal with these discomforts it would be in the moment of now. To be at that place, now, it would all dissipate. Instantly gone. That is the magic of now. The only thing to do is choose it and yet somehow it is put off for later or there is the toil of some discomfort in the past.

What is it about the only moment we have that makes us want to avoid it so or that even makes that possible? Magic.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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