Behind The Veil

Ego projection. Under pressure forged of choice, ego squeals out an expression. As choice collects unnecessary weight the pressure generates an expression that belongs to our ego. These expressions become the person our ego expects of itself. The ego takes comfort in the familiar expression it produced, even if that expression brings no comfort. These expressions are ghost-like apparitions  that we respond to, usually involuntarily as we unaware of their existence. Life is very distracting and most do not have the time to consider such things. My life is very busy considering such things and while looking to improve my spiritual health, I noticed one of these apparitions.  I did not know how to consider it and the process of asking what this might be has led me to see it as the egoic projection I have described. I am sixty now and so most of these constructs, of my ego, have been with me for a considerable time. This one has been with me at least since I was four. I discovered this property of ego while applying an affirmation to assist me along my way. I came to understand it as I wrote this just now. It is my usual way. Now, what to do about it. This expression is an injury, caused by choice, and it does not seem to want to go anywhere.

The image itself is broadcast from the point of Being and Now at the center of what I consider to be, Solomons Key, a metaphysical tool for dissolving mystery. For more information about the Key you can consider my most recent posts. I expect that I will be devoting more text to it in the near future, but who knows? With this blog, I only know what I am doing after it is done. Now I am off to see just what this apparition has come to teach me.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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