Soul Sojourn

Soul. We have a soul but what is it? Can it be saved? The soul is the person we are, that exists, even when our body, our temporal body, does not. Whatever that is or is naught. What we are when whatever we are is not physiologic. An essence of being that is independent of our birth but of which our birth is dependant. Whatever it is it exists, even if it is what is naught, then that is what it is and that must exist. It does seem obvious that it can not be saved but rather it is our salvation. It is something that is known to all as it is impossible to escape. Can we know our soul, ‘be’ where our soul is? I think so or I would not bother with all this work.

It has been my experience, that in matters of this nature, there can be no accomplishment, only realization. All of a sudden, by choice and consideration, you realize you are there. It is not so much an epiphany, more like a door opening, unexpectedly, and you see. Having had experience like this and walked in such places before I am confidant that I can expect a similar result from doing the kind of things that got me there before. Today it involves being public and being comfortable with that. Seems to be working just fine.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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