Remembering God

Ask God; Surrender, recall and speak. Surrender perception inviting true recall and speak of what God is.

God. Who can claim any knowledge of God? God of course. How can God be understood? By recollection. Begin by remembering the future. Remember a future you want to remember, a future where God is understood. There is a place, somewhere between birth, and what preceded it, where God is understood. It is something that is best remembered in the future thus avoiding the clutter and confusion between our present state and the past experience of God. In looking to a future, where all is understood, the pitfalls and obstacles of past perceptions are avoided. Remember a future that understands God, free of the prejudice and preconceptions of the past. The past is very insecure and is desperate for us to own it. It is usual for us to do this and carry the past with us into the future, reminding us that it is the same thing. Being the same thing we can remember a future and reverse the trend from the past with a future free of past shortcomings. It seems obvious that we must fully understand the identity and nature that is God as we do in fact exist. It is also obvious that confusion lies in the past. Repair the past by the memory of a future that has already repaired the past, working back from where you want to be and the past becomes the future-past. The answer, that is God, is revealed in a future we choose and the past restored to its whole state by the future. This is the Magic of Now. Now, the only time that exists.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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