Behind The Veil

Ego projection. Under pressure forged of choice, ego squeals out an expression. As choice collects unnecessary weight the pressure generates an expression that belongs to our ego. These expressions become the person our ego expects of itself. The ego takes comfort in the familiar expression it produced, even if that expression brings no comfort. These expressions are ghost-like apparitions  that we respond to, usually involuntarily as we unaware of their existence. Life is very distracting and most do not have the time to consider such things. My life is very busy considering such things and while looking to improve my spiritual health, I noticed one of these apparitions.  I did not know how to consider it and the process of asking what this might be has led me to see it as the egoic projection I have described. I am sixty now and so most of these constructs, of my ego, have been with me for a considerable time. This one has been with me at least since I was four. I discovered this property of ego while applying an affirmation to assist me along my way. I came to understand it as I wrote this just now. It is my usual way. Now, what to do about it. This expression is an injury, caused by choice, and it does not seem to want to go anywhere.

The image itself is broadcast from the point of Being and Now at the center of what I consider to be, Solomons Key, a metaphysical tool for dissolving mystery. For more information about the Key you can consider my most recent posts. I expect that I will be devoting more text to it in the near future, but who knows? With this blog, I only know what I am doing after it is done. Now I am off to see just what this apparition has come to teach me.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Joy Remembered

Disposition is a stubborn collector, often feeling justified and very much holding on to the past. Its true service is to let go and when it does not it instead becomes reservoir for our pain. Pain of course always prefers a mask and we pretend to disguise it in many colorful ways. It is always something unpleasant, hate, rage, depression, it is a long list but these examples give us a sense of the burden we often assign to disposition. Generally it carries goodness along with the rest but it is really intended to let go. Today I am still looking to evict a passenger my disposition collected while I was in preschool. In my last post, Metaphysics And The Distillation of How, I wrote of fixing the pain and frustration, of rejection, to my disposition. As a preschooler the adults in my life had tired of what they considered my imaginary friends. I believe they were actual people. Spiritual beings. I was persuaded not to talk of them again and I fixed this choice with unpleasant components in my disposition. In considering this difficulty, from the past, I had imagined that I could visualize the movement of Solomon’s Key and in so doing rid myself of this passenger. Not quite. Today I will consider what more there is to do.

The alternative. What else might my four-year old self have done to address the concerns of my elders and yet honor my spiritual experience? This is what I am to do today to mend my child and the man he grew into.

In my most recent posts I have been revealing some of the secrets the Key of Solomon, its basic structure. The lines of Fate and Abundance generate a plane,  it is Reputation. Reputation is a horizontal plane and it divides the sphere that surrounds foundation into two halves, top and bottom. This passenger, from my childhood is stuck in the top half of the sphere. Perhaps some other time it would be stuck elsewhere but this is where I see it now. In considering how to unravel this old choice I sink into a bit of an emotional storm. Grief, rage, animosity, the clench and the grit that hold on to, that own, my choice. This morning is day three of working on this. I have just begun my day and my reluctance to do this is visceral. If I put it off it will only fester and I will be back to deal with it later. Finally an epiphany. It is stuck in my flesh, clinging to past injuries and broadcasting itself into the sphere I have been discussing. The injury it favors is the physical tension that stems from compacting my seventh thoracic vertebra in 1974.  This injury, along with its chronic discomforts, have collected in the pool of reputation. The injury of my poor preschool choice is somehow the same as the choice that lead to compacting my vertebra. The young man I was when that vertebra got squished was not one for letting go of anything. All clenched fist and rage. I will drain all this from Reputation, the plane that is Reputation, with an affirmation.

It is morning of day four as I work to finish this and I feel much as I did yesterday. Reluctant. My passenger is still with me and generating the emotional disposition that makes me feel like doing anything else. Anything but dealing with this. If I do not do it I will continue to carry that stuff with me ignoring it into the background. Having worked its way up from there the time to do something about it is now. I had hoped that through the day yesterday I would recognize a direction for the affirmation I need but I still am without a sense where to go to deal with this ugliness in my Disposition. While I am at it the ugliness is busy working to persuade me to leave it alone. Let us see If I can come up with this affirmation this morning.

I remember my childhood companions and the joy we shared. Being joyful is how I will remember and share my experience of them.

I have long ached to restore the joy of my childhood. I was one happy little kid but I chose to walk away from it. Perhaps this affirmation will help. As I repeat it the grip of my passenger slips and he changes. I suspect over the next few days the affirmation will mature, change a little, although this one does seem quite clear, they often need to be tweaked. It probably needs company and I expect to generate two more in the next few days. That always seems to be the way.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Metaphysics And The Distillation Of How

In my last post, The Key of Solomon,  I wrote of Character, Disposition and Reputation. In my mystic progression, and for the sake of better understanding, I have a lesson to learn about these pieces of my puzzle. I will learn this lesson as I write this post. I have always worked this way, writing and learning. Prior to blogging I carried a folded paper with me and when a word occurred to me, to continue a sentence, or a line of thought, I would write it down. After stringing enough words together a completed thought or idea would manifest. Except for the conversational context, that is a blog, this is the same process. Let us see what there is to know about this collision of person at the point of true gravity; Being and Now.

In The Key of Solomon I wrote of a sphere and within the sphere three intersecting lines, those lines are as a foundation. They intersect at the point that is the center of the sphere creating twelve right angles. The center point is the point of Being as well as the moment Now. Emanating from the lines are planes that divide the sphere into eight equal segments. Visually, the most obvious of these three planes is Character as it is as a front or a face and is vertical. The plane that is Disposition is also a vertical plane and appears as a thin line dividing Character front to back at a right angle. The horizontal plane, Reputation, also appears as a thin line when looking from the front to back, front being the plane of Character. Reputation divides the sphere in half and creates a top and a bottom. It seems that Reputation is as a filter. It seems that there is a tendency for stuff to get stuck in these segments and I have something stuck in one of mine. It also seems that what I have stuck moves from that segment, if it will, almost like it has a free will. That being said I think it must be a choice I made or at least associated with a choice I have made as choice is freedom and power. It is in determining what this choice is that the true value of its existence is revealed.

I find a decision to create hardship knowing it would hide me from responsibility. A decision made in my preschool years, maybe four years old. This choice originates from the effort made to discourage me from talking about people who are visible, independent beings whom I can see, yet no one else is interested. The only interest is in getting me to stop pretending. Only, I am not pretending. I have wanted to get back to this time and understand it better. My memory of this is almost entirely based on stories told to me about it. I was determined to introduce people to people they could not see. The early childhood imaginary friend. I am confident these beings were not imaginary but rather spiritual and it seems in my youthful frustration, and hurt, I turned my back on them. The choice fixed in my person components of disposition that can now be mended. Pain and frustration are poor motivators for choice. They get stuck in our person when we make a choice due to their influence. Today I am being directed to do something about this choice made so long ago.

The Key of Solomon has a great deal of movement associated with it and I am using my understanding of this movement to let go of the negative components of disposition associated with this time in my life by allowing them to go through the natural movement of the key. In doing this I am learning something new about how the key works and its practical use. Well that is my lesson. It took me four days to figure it out and write it all down. It will be interesting to see what this additional understanding of  this metaphysical key will reveal. From my past experiences with the key I think it will begin to work by the fact of familiarity, acquaintance. A realization as opposed to accomplishment. Things like this do not work if you think you can own them. There is no sophistication of intellect that makes one person deserving and another not. It is just a matter of choice, availability, determination that gives opportunity for realization. You are asking; How do I know this is Solomons Key? Well that is a good question. Time will answer that best. In my experience it has proven to be very powerful and I am confident as to what it is. Perhaps someday I will see it differently.

To me this is all very technical and I ask myself; Could anyone really be interested these metaphysical details of my personal growth? Please chime in and leave a comment so I will know you are there and find this interesting.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Key of Solomon

There is a place I know of as foundation. It is a single point through which three lines intersect forming twelve right angles. The first line is Providence and it is as a pillar. The second line is Fate and it runs front to back. The third line is abundance and it runs left to right. I have long known that the intersecting point is Being. My mystic considerations, of late, have had me considering Now and how to find it. That ponder has led me to realize that this point of Being, of intersection, is Now. Emanating from these lines, and fixed by this point, are three planes. I can see this place, it has a substance I will call image, for lack of any other term. Just now I can see the planes and I have no idea what to name them and so I will write about it and divine their definitions. Come along with me if you like, I enjoy the company.

First I will consider the plane that cuts along the lines of Providence and Abundance, it is as a face or front. I will call it character. Next is the plane that is fixed by the lines of Fate and Providence and is as a profile. It is disposition. Lastly resting along the lines of Fate and Abundance is reputation.

We are usually as a satellite circling this point as it is the point of true gravity, this point that is Being, that is Now. Being somewhere other than this point is ‘normal’ or usual. This is the place of power, it can not be owned as it is what owns us. In truth we own nothing but we go about glomming on to all manner of things creating false gravity’s that pull us from our center, from Being and Now. This is how we actually create reality and it is only ‘true’ that it is real. Being and Now are also appointed a place in our physical body. It is at our body center or Hara. (You can Google Hara if you do not know what it is. Here is an example). Should a person find this place and learn the trick to fix it to their Hara, so that Now-Being and Hara are at the same place and fixed, they become a Divine Being. A completed person with the full complement of intended attribute. It is a state that can not be achieved, only realized.

There are many other components that define and secure this place, give it a ceiling and a floor. It creates a window, a door, a narrow gate to an actual place, a world, a reality. A place to walk and be. I have walked there. In this post I will cover just one more component of Solomon’s Key, that is what I know this to be. A sphere surrounds the central point As you walk on the floor of the key the sphere moves freely in any direction and is,I think, as a force-field.

It is nice to be able to see this place again and recognize its components. Hopefully I will learn a more durable lesson this time. I am still trying to get back on the seat so I can drive this thing. You have to let go of everything to be able to do it. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Creation Magic Now

Magic. I know something about it. It seems to me that everything is magic. Magic is what makes ‘being’ make sense to me. I can not see it any other way. Now is an obvious example of magic. Is is obvious that except for now nothing ever happens. Nothing will happen in the future and nothing happens in the past. The only time anything ever happens is now, the past and the future, by the quality of now, are contained in their entirety in the moment that is now. We scatter ourselves about in the past and the future creating a distraction as if there could be a time other than now, but there is not. Somehow everything that can be considered, experienced, is all there and yet we can not quite grasp it. If everything is magic then we are magical and the reality we experience is our magic. Our failure to appreciate this and use it for our best result is as a spell we have cast on ourselves. Now is how creation makes sense. If the only time is now and all that can be or has been is contained in it, complete, creation is just not a problem. It happens all the time. It is constant.

There is great power in now. I have heard from readers that I tend to be hard on myself. Do not mean to be and am little surprised that it is that obvious. I just write of where I am at, at any given time. Often, or usually, discovering where I am by writing. How I am can not help but bleed through but now is the magic. Should I discover a way to deal with these discomforts it would be in the moment of now. To be at that place, now, it would all dissipate. Instantly gone. That is the magic of now. The only thing to do is choose it and yet somehow it is put off for later or there is the toil of some discomfort in the past.

What is it about the only moment we have that makes us want to avoid it so or that even makes that possible? Magic.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Opening The Gate

These days, as I have blogged my life back into existence, have been very powerful. My grip of resistance is loosening and the path becoming more clear. My willingness to open my life to public view has long been the magic I considered taboo. It is also the cup from which I knew I must drink. How to do what I will not do has been my dilemma. The answer is always the same to such conundrums. It is in just doing it. There is no other way and so it is really a question of how to get there. It is in honestly asking the question, how, that we one day find that we have answered it, by the fact of doing it. I do believe there is great magic in crossing this threshold. The once powerful pieces of my life are suddenly reenergized as I choose to make my self known. Like turning on a switch. It has been there on the wall the whole while and I have been instructed of the importance of turning it on. Choosing not to do it I pretend to be confused about what is holding me back. This I think has been the piece I would not put into place. Now I can once again reach Spirit Gate, my chakras fill with Justice, Light and I wonder what lessons will be revealed. (You can read about Light, Justice and Spirit Gate in my recent post Kundalini The Pillar Of Appointment).

There are some things I have wanted to learn and now it seems that they must be learned in public. I have thought to put the cart in front of the horse in this regard. I have wanted to get everything done before standing in the open. It is not to be. If I take the journey alone there is no one to share it with. I have been to the mountain, and of course, when I turned there was no one there as I had traveled alone. I have shared what I have seen, but now, I think the next power, what I have yet to learn, comes from standing in the open. My only choice, as I push ahead and open my life, is to let go of the tension. It is tough because this makes me really uncomfortable, to be so open. I am beginning to think I must take the gate altogether off and discard it. That the true source of my tension comes from working so hard to secure the gate.

Magic. What do I think of magic? I think I will release it by choosing instead of a gate, a vast and open space. A place where what actually is, is given permission to self-present without the imposition of preconceived restraint. Preconceptions, such as my long-held insistence that I must be very tense about what I see and hide it from the public discussion. You see, I believe everything is magical. That everything is made of magic and we are its masters. This is why it is so easy to deny it and pretend we are without influence. Admitting this is how things came to be we are responsible, pretending we do not see this, the magic is used instead to create that ruse. Magic is powerful. Using it collectively to create a ruse, well that is a tough nut. I have no intension of cracking it. Let us see if we can turn the magic loose and watch it dance. Will you take this walk with me?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012