Anchors Aweigh

Established norms present every lesson revealing success; Providence

For most of my life I have imagined myself a victim. That decisions made on my behalf, by others, when I was young, had cast my life in a way that left me injured. Naturally this did trouble me and I have plotted and pondered some way to get around it ever since, thinking there must be some way to consider things differently. Certainly I am in control of how I see and consider myself. All these years working to solve this riddle have finally done just that. I have considered myself a victim, all the while imagining that I can not be a victim except by choice. Having this knowledge, of course I am not a victim because I know better. It has been a conundrum and now I know why. It never was the decisions made on my behalf that cased any problem but rather the decisions I made about what others did. My choices fixed as problem-some, a stage in my life. Well that act is over now and the episode has a new bearing in my life. I have discovered that the choices I made, after the fact, fixed in place, a problem to be solved. Problem solved. This early life challenge is now a riddle solved and no longer serves to anchor me to negativity. I think that fixes quite a few things. It corrects an error in disposition and returns authority to its true seat. Correcting this place allows every choice to have a new bearing and purpose stands corrected. Relief after so long is powerful and I can consider every moment of my life in a new light. I have rid myself of a useless engine in my life and emptied burden from possibility. A freedom I have sought for a lifetime is now mine. I feel as if I have so much room, that I have lifted an anchor and am ready to set my sail.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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