Choosing The Future

Having my spiritual experience be a matter of open discussion provides a platform for public spiritual introspection. Today my spiritual growth requires my ability to admit publicly, the spiritual experience I have had. It has been a painful process, this new growth. I have had to search my past for the pain and suffering that would not let me be comfortable in this public role. To relive it and bring it to new terms. A wrestling match often leaving me feeling beat up. I had misplaced my authority, as a child, blaming others for the pain I felt. I chose to surrender my trust. To hide from view. I have known a very rich spiritual life that did not require me to return to the grief of the past and relive it. It was a private time that has now past. It ended in pain, and healing required putting all of my pain on the table. Digging it out of the past or the future, wherever I hid it. I am now free to consider myself without it. To paint myself in a new light.

All difficulty stems from the simplest of choice. So simple we often are unaware of our choices, making them while in a state of ignorance. A reaction that captures our freedom and binds us to the past. The future, if it is to be a spiritual success, must find a way through our past to the future absent past regret. All choice must be seen as helpful and poor choice restored to what is best. Any hesitation is the pause intended to consider redress and progress mends the time of our life, past and future.

Can we see the future? Silly question, of course we see the future, it is right in front of us. The trouble is that we are stuck in the past. We scatter our self, bits and pieces, here and there, in the past. If we want to see the future we must revisit the past, gather all of the bits and pieces, mend them, and make our self whole again. Doing this we see that the past is the future and we understand. The only mystery that exists, we create. Hiding in the expanse of time, past and future, the secret of our true identity. We are spiritual beings in a temporal reality. Our spirit is not alone, it has many influences some good, and others that simply distract. We do not so much need to find our way, where else could we be? It is more an act of acceptance. The truth is omnipotent, we are known to it. It is in surrendering our resistance that we see the way.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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