The cause of disease is centered on broken expectation. By allowing our mistakes to be what defines how we are, our center is lost. To remember where our true center is follow the protest, the voice of complaint, it leads the way. The noise it makes has a purpose, to be heard. By listening to our complaint we allow it to end. It is only by resistance, holding the complaint captive that it continues to complain. It is hard to let these complaints go and they fester and boil into a toxic soup that is illness or disease. We need to embrace our complaint and in this way let it go. It is by this assurance, an acknowledgement that the complaint has been heard, that we are able to assure our self and all is well. If you have been reading my blog you will know that this is what I am working on right now. Apparently I need to stop complaining.

Is there an origin of complaint, a single source? I think there is and that is the voice, the complaint, the noise to follow. It leads to our true center where there can be no complaint. It is complaint that draws us to complain and complaint breeds complaint, breeds complaint, breeds complaint and we walk, on complaint, from center. If there is only one complaint, what is my complaint? Having carried it for so long it is very loud, especially when I approach true center. How else will it get my attention, after all, I have not been listening. Listening is not complaining and it is one or the other. Often I feel conflicted, almost as if I am two people, I see now it is this complaint.

A complaint against my father. Two years old. He was upset with me about my determination and I got punished by him. I was devastated. I could not reach him with my complaint. That is the complaint. I spent most of the day yesterday working to divine this representation of long forgotten complaint. My father is dead now and I believe he is reincarnate, continuing his path of fate in search of destiny. I can reach him there through forgiveness and the spirit of compassion, love. Together with mindfulness of God, Angels and persons who have ascended the incarnate cycle, forgiveness breaks this injurious bond we forged when I was two. Instead of my inclination toward complaint I now have a sense of closeness and calm. I can feel my father, not at my side but within me, a part of me, much as I think a child would. It is a great comfort as I sit and write.

The warmth of this memory, of reconnecting with my father was very nice, an example of subtlety and power. I have it back now but it quickly disappeared, displaced by a visitor. It is a person I know but the exchange was spiritual. A representation of the persons spirit and an invitation to recommit to complaint that pushed me from working on this post. I get these sort of visitors all the time, we are spiritual beings, we behave in a spiritual manner, and I see the spiritual world. I am happy to report that all the work I have written about here on the has made me stronger and this visitor only wants something to be revealed by this work. I have not quite learned the lesson that allows me to stay centered when an agitated visitor finds me but I am better everyday at returning to center. Center is a place I return to over and over again until it is the one place I am. Today what pulls me away are the lessons I learn on the way back. The process is creating a place, a spiritual place here in the temporal world. A place where I will find comfort walking in both worlds.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

One thought on “Complaint

  1. I never quite thought of it as a complaint but your blog today gave time to think about my own father, and more importantly, My son’s father……yes in looking at things from the perspective that you present today I gained some insight. I have pretty much kept my spritual side a secret not wanting to get the usual “bible banger” moniker however as I have outlasted most….I don’t worry so much about it. Maybe it is just the part of being “ok in my own skin” and well like I said…there aren’t too many OConnells left so why not explore my own path. But the feeling you describe today really fits on how I feel about all of this…….an inner well being a calmness…..

    Thanks Mike….that was a really good one today.

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