Defending God

Belief, Religion, Faith and Protest. These elements can make a toxic soup. If protest is removed the recipe is much more versatile. Protest implies an inflexible position, defensiveness or imposition, that is a short list but you can see my drift. Truth, God, absolutes, do not need defending and indeed can not be defended. If they could be defended that means they could actually be exposed to a threat. What could possibly threaten God, truth or any absolute? Protest is simply useless in matters of Religion, Belief and Faith. It is the corrupting influence. This holds true in my secularist view as well and I am as guilty as any when it comes to protest. You can see protest in slogan-like declarations. Claiming credit for Allah, for Jesus, for Jehovah or whomever, either by a grand call for their intervention or similar claim of their allegiance to your cause, is as a call to arms. The ‘faithful’ clamor to the sound of these declarations and an inflexible posture is noticed by all. It is great for circling the wagons and if a person longs for being insulated within such a group it is likely the community will welcome them in. In these kind of arrangements we all hope they are organized for the purpose of inclusion. Our history is a cesspool of religious violence. Secular minded people are in no way innocent in this regard. They are however far less likely to be as organized but the injurious nature of the posture that is protest knows no boundary except its absence.

I bring this up because I am looking in my life to lose this tendency, it is a hurdle. It is of no use to jump over said hurdle, its only purpose, is to learn of its uselessness and remove it. How can I reach out to ‘all’ people while I maintain the archetypeture of protest in my person? There is no way to do to it and it is the wall or barrier that cripples growth. What growth? Openness, inclusion, availability, there can be no wall, no barrier, if these attributes are present. Maintaining any barrier becomes a common denominator. Anyone who maintains their protest (barrier) has it in common with anyone else they meet who does the same, and it serves to separate. By any name it is the same thing and no matter what side we are on, or if we think of ourselves as a united group, it only serves one thing, division, separation, argument. When we encounter someone in this posture, we assume the posture our self, either in agreement or opposition. Whatever side we choose to stand on makes no difference as to what we are actually doing. The only way to amend this tendency is to put down the wall and take no position of protest, ever. What we are left with if we have no wall, behind which to take cover, pretending strength, is nakedness. On the face of it this seems uncomfortable but really it is just unfamiliar. God, truth and absolute can not be defended because they can know no threat. The only way to stand with what is God, truth and absolute is to know no protest and take no defense. So now, how to do it?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

2 thoughts on “Defending God

  1. WOW that is a “deep one” for today Mike……I think I am going to have to think about this over the weekend. Will you pick up on this and do some writing to clarify a little more?

  2. Hi Rick. I generally sit down not knowing what I will write, like walking in the dark. When I do sit down next to write I will find out what it is after the fact. If there is some point you would like me to clarify I am happy to do it but I will need your direction. I did enjoy your comment on “Complaint”. Always good to hear from you.

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