Kaleidoscopes and Other Moving Things

Precognition. Most people believe that precognition is out of reach. While some believe that a few are gifted with clairvoyancy others believe that any such claim is fraud. The product of wishful thinking, delusion or just everyday fraud. Personally I do not understand how anyone can deny seeing what is clearly right in front us, the future. Additionally the future lasts for such a short time, as to be without measure. While we are considering what it might be it is busy turning itself into the past. I think they are the same thing and except for ‘now’ there is no change. We create the future and while we do this, we create the past. It is, I believe, the element of creation that escapes our grasp. We create but we deny responsibility for it. It is that absence of accountability that allows us to imagine we do not see what is right in front of us. There are many moving parts and none of us create the future alone, it is a community project. I do think that clarity, in these matters, requires preparation and that there is no secret or sacred text to point the way. The only sacred text is the self. We each hold the secret and yet none seem to want to share, so it remains secret.

Preparation is the key to success and finding the desired future. A person might invest in a traditional education and plot a career. A predictable future reveals itself over time. I could go on with more examples, perhaps an example of poor decision and failure, but it is easy to see that the future we realize is a product of what we choose to do. It is also obvious that there are other factors at play. I think we see them. All of them. It is a lot to take in and making sense of it takes preparation. As I see it there is a place to be that adjusts the kaleidoscope of now and all is revealed. We are no longer in the position ‘to take it all in’ but rather are taken in. No longer in the position of ownership we surrender and are owned by who and what we are.

This is the world as I see it and the preparations I make are metaphysical. Does that work? I think so, and that would seem obvious or I would not waste my time. The example of education, or failure, is also an obvious example of metaphysics.

I look to do things to change the way I am and I see a shift in the way I have been. The past changes because I can no longer consider it in the way I always thought it was, due to simple perception and the determination to correct it. Yes I believe that creates the future and that it is possible to settle the past enough to know the future as we do the past. To actually be in the place that is defined only by now.

Now is a kaleidoscope unless we can let go of everything but now. We look at now usually from a distance, stuck in the past or the future and the lens of now is a kaleidoscope. Confusing and unclear. If we let go, of all but now, the alignments of this magical kaleidoscope reveal all as it is, and clarity is the gift. The secret it reveals is our self. In working to be where these alignments make sense we see what we have to do to make that happen and we travel back and forth through time, correcting the self time has presented us with.

In considering why I do not have a better interpretation of what the future is, and demonstrate it through action, I am left to accept that I am doing that now by creating the past that will support it. I am not one so much for seeing the tree but I do see the forest, as if it is tea leaves to be read. When I let it tell me its own story, I will see. When I project what I expect, from the past or the future, now is lost and the familiar kaleidoscope reminds me of the place I expect to be.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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