Mission Statement

My spiritual quest is about divine living. I am no holy roller. I am driven by the spiritual concerns of life. It seems to me that if anything is durable it is spirit, certainly its temple of flesh, blood and bone is temporary. People have long been aware of spiritual realms and opinion about matters spiritual span the whole of imagination. For me personally I know that whatever spirit is it is observable, that if a person is inclined to experience the world of spirit it is likely they will.

I have no faith. The only text I consider sacred is the self and providence is the only guide to spiritual growth. If this is not enough then there is no worthy spiritual task. Instead of faith, I have confidence. Things are as they are and that can be observed. I have long believed that I am here to make an example of this. To live the divine life. I believe in magic. I believe that everything you see and experience is produced by it. I believe you are its master, just as am I. I believe in creation, that it happens all the time. It is what is constant. Now. All that might be, all that has been, every possibility is contained in the only moment that anything ever happens, Now. Now is creation. Now is magic. You are its master.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist, ©2012

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