The Content of Contentment

In matters of spirituality, spiritual living, what is possible? I know it is possible to calm my center, to loosen gravity and let go of disturbance to calm. I have done, am doing that. It works, but what then? I have quieted most of the noises that serve only to upset me. The idea is to replace all of that with calm and from that gravity, create, while growing a durable calm. I expect the calm to become my content and by its gravity to produce, content, that is both calm and prosperous. You see I believe in creation, that we are its master. That we create. Theoretically creating a calm place draws to me possibility. Clearly abundance is part of our existence and from abundance, prosperity. A calm prosperity, if calm is to be the place to be. Or a place of being.

To my ego this is unsettling. It wants control but I think it is confused, what ego needs is to be controlled, by calm. When not calm it finds anything to hide that, to control it. A career, a hobby, anything and we tend to ignore what is irritating us by letting ego take charge. It is not a bad thing it just is not what I want to do. I know my time here is very brief and so I look to see the flaws that make ego squirm and then, fix them. I think ego can then prove the magic of now, by being here now. By being calm.

Ego would achieve, but I would not. Ego needs to see the absence of achievement as what it wants, that it has no true control and being controlled is the control it seeks. Calm. I seek to receive what is, to allow it and from that create reality. I know that we create it all the time, but haphazardly. Ego runs amuck imagining control that it can not possibly have. That chaos is what we usually create. It need not be that way. I have many ideas as to what is possible when ego accepts calm and learns of magic, is here now and only now, calm. I believe it is the fabric intended to be worn by the soul but only if it is calm. Our eternal self, our soul, can then make an appearance in this time and place, now.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps. What else is a person to do? Have you got a better plan?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

The Complexity of Now

Now is not complex, it is everything we engage in, instead of now, that is complex. Now is the simple magic of existence. The only time anything can or will happen. All that can be, all that ever will be, all that has been, is contained in its entirety, now. It is magic. It is creation. It is now. Without it there is nothing. It lasts only for a moment and yet without that moment nothing exists.

Of late affirmations have taken center stage in my life. Truth is, I am very good with affirmations. They are as powerful a tool for change and personal growth as I have ever known. There are rules for the effective use of affirmations, at least for me and I have a great deal of experience using them to successfully become the person I prefer to be. The primary rule of affirmation is present tense. An affirmation, by definition, must reflect a condition that is in the present, not the future or the past but now. If it is something that you can, might or would do, it is not an affirmation. It is best to be concise. I have found that when I create an affirmation it often needs work. I usually work with an affirmation for several days and as the time passes I prune and tune it until its nuance is entirely now and as brief as possible. It is surprising how very small adjustment to nuance makes the difference between success and a waste of time.

In my last post, Divine Affirmation, I wrote of frustration. I felt that I had experienced a period of incompetence with my use of affirmations. Jumped the gun there. I might have found a more direct path to success but none the less the work I did, including my use of affirmation, produced success. I have seen as much personal growth and achievement since I started this blog as I have at any other time in my life. Much of that has been recent, my assessment of my life and what shaped it is different today than it was even a few days ago.  The recent pace of change is extreme. My life has changed and I can no longer consider it the way I always have. I am not the way I thought I was. I traveled to my past and shone a light in the darkest places. I found the person I might have been, I made the better choice I did not make then. I have a brand new past. One I like much better. I did not set out to do this. I only found it along my way.

I concern myself with my spiritual health and pretty much nothing else. Sure I have distractions, I like politics and social issues but the driving force to everything in my life is spirituality. I have no other concern. I believe in God but not perhaps as you might think. God, or the absolute, the way things actually are, truth, is inseparable from any spiritual quest and I can think of nothing else worth doing. Because my spiritual template is based on the absolute everything I am given to do is fulfilled by my spiritual success. The surest proof of this is compassion. I am devoted to what is absolute and compassion is absolute. How do I make this observation? It knows only a single measure, enough. Another of my rules is confidence. I have no faith. I believe instead in providence and I expect that my life content is produced by it. I am as devoted to the people I find in my life as I am to anything. I have loved ones and their importance is made clear by providence. Of course my devotion extends to them.

I do expect a lot from my spiritual path. Success in every aspect of life. It is an all in approach and the proof is in the end result. Along the way the successes are obvious, one after another. That is a powerful incentive giving hope that in the long haul the effort proves its worth. All this intellect poured into spirituality, is it a waste of time? Personally, it is gratifying. I learn so much but why not a more traditional path? Maybe read a book or otherwise take counsel in what has worked for others. I do expect to answer that with a success that can be realized by no other means. To realize the magic that is the simplicity of now. To have success in all that I do by simple acceptance of it, by allowance. Set aside all that is in conflict with success, success in its full measure, by accepting it as present now. I am sure that this is how things work and I am much less angry about presenting an example, of now, than ever I have been.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Divine Affirmation

Choosing my activity, anticipating being known as an authority people can be comfortable with requires being comfortable with myself. I now see that I can use affirmations to achieve this condition of being comfortable. With affirmations I have known both success and incompetence. In the last few years incompetence has been the norm. Both outcomes are delivered with the same ease. In the last week I have produced the exact result I had in mind, twice, by simply using an affirmation.

I enjoy writing as the Mystic Tourist, but none the less, after posting my work I get uncomfortable. This routine created a habit of thought that was unhealthy. I corrected it using the simple affirmation “All is good, all is well.” Armed with this affirmation I returned to writing and after two posts the same injurious habit of thought returned. Although very weak, it was back and surely would grow strong without intervention. I decided to try building another affirmation using my divining rod to guide me. Worked like a charm. The use of my divining rod in crafting my affirmation is what determined the effectiveness of the affirmation. Using affirmations successfully is not new to me. What is new is my appreciation for the surgical accuracy required for success today.

Simply having a poor habit and throwing an affirmation on it proved ineffective, counterproductive. My ineffective affirmation had been tailored to cure the symptom and short of curing the problem, it only made things worse. What I have learned is I need to craft affirmations exactingly. Of course this seems obvious now. I am well-practiced at divination and had I thought to divine this I would have seen this path years ago. It is habit itself that prevents us from seeing the obvious, or conversely, enables sight of it.

Let’s see what can happen if I knock my inner bully down and stop beating myself up.

Are you wondering what authority I might presume myself to be? I am the same authority anyone is and that authority is the authority of the experience concerning who and how I am.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

All is Good All is Well

Am I troubled by agreement? In my recent post, Chalkboards and Other Dark Places, I wrote of self-hate. It had been a problem that built into a climax until I was reduced to dealing only with that. I wrote of spending seventeen days working to sort it out and rid my life of it. That worked and now as I return to blogging… it is coming back. It seems I may have an issue with agreement. I am troubled to be seen as someone who has occult knowledge. That tension makes it difficult for me to share my experience because I tend to start beating myself up and that is distracting. I did learn a couple of tricks to quiet the self-hate mantra that had become so irritating. A subtle affirmative correction that proved to be very powerful and that may help guide me to a place of comfort and ease.

I really like my spiritual experience. It has been and is fulfilling but for some reason sharing it triggers a hostility within myself, toward myself. Writing calms that hostility but after posting a blog entry the pull to beat myself up over it is very powerful. This has been a tough nut. Short of cracking it open, and solving the mystery, it festers and pollutes my life all over again. If I can not understand the trigger I am confident that it will find places, in my past, to take hold and self-hate will repopulate my life. Everyone’s life is fertile ground capable of growing damn near anything. What is this determination to do this to myself?

I imagine it has to do with expectation, my expectation of what others expect from me. Having made that observation it seems obvious that any issue I might have about expectation would have to be about what I expect from myself. What can I possibly do about someone else’s expectation except to do something about my own?  That is probably very easy to fix. A simple affirmation ought to do the trick. What I learned when addressing this issue of self-hate, my recent correction of it, is that the affirmation needs to be spot-on. You see I had been working with an affirmation to deal with the hate for some time. When the notion of hating my life would pester my mind, I would tell myself, ‘I love my life’. Completely ineffective and that was surprising. After rooting out all the places that hate had taken hold in my life I found that the affirmation that dissolved this tendency was ‘All is good, all is well’.

Affirmations are powerful metaphysical tools and I have had great success with them. At this juncture the application of this tool is somewhat different. For years I used affirmations everyday. I would divine some affirmation and then over a few days fine tune it. When I started doing this I would create ten affirmations and throughout the day repeat them. Over time I would move on to a new list. Eventually I think I reduced the active number of affirmations I practiced to three. The difference now is that the affirmation I need is a little more precise. In the past these tools were more like a diet that promoted health, now it seems like I need affirmations that extract a condition rather than create a condition. The true nature of the injury in need of extraction needs to be identified if there is to be any hope of success.

I will try this affirmation; All is good. All is well. Doing what I like best, sharing the secrets of spirituality, of life’s mysteries, brings success. All is good. All is well.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Faith No More

My process of enlightenment involves a purity of experience presumed to be possible by reliance only on providence. I expect experience to be guided by providence and to be my teacher. I expect that anything that has been written, concerning matters of enlightenment, can be understood by providence, by experience. To expect that some great truth is scribbled in a book seems a stretch to me. If it is not available to each and every one of us, simply because we are curious, it does not exist and so book-reading has never been very high on my list of priorities. A curious mind is all that is needed and I am curious. Faith, I believe, is harmful to curiosity and so I abandoned it long ago. Religion, I have found it to be useless in my pursuit of enlightenment. I long for community and a sense of belonging but for me religion is an empty bag. My search is for a broader community than it seems religion could hope to provide. I have no faith. To me, faith is an impostor, it pretends to be confidence but confidence has no use for faith. I have confidence. I believe that things are as they are and that can not be disputed. I believe that knowledge of that is the fact of existence. This is not a knowledge of intellect, of sophistication,  it is the simple knowledge that is acquaintance. Providence. Providence, I think, is the inexhaustible reservoir that assures that whatever we pursue, consequence is certain.

All of this I have observed in my life and as I live it proves its validity errorlessly. This is because I believe in providence, I expect a great deal from it and live my life by it.

I do concern myself with enlightenment and expect that providence assembles what does prod me along a true path. Whatever path I choose, providence assures that consequence is immediate. Should I choose a career, education, whatever, providence works the same way. When we are not right, not at ease or comfortable with our self, that is providence. It knows what we are in need of and tirelessly works to bring that to our attention. Distraction from what we are given, by providence to do, is perhaps more obvious than providence. There are many good and worthy pursuits and when we choose one we walk with providence and it calms us with contentment. For my pursuit of enlightenment I have learned to use divination as my primary tool. Others might use a book or find a wise teacher but I have found the divining rod is well suited to my person.

Trial and error. This is an excellent way to determine the way things actually are. I have found it helpful to assume no knowledge, other than the knowledge that is acquaintance. Knowledge, in matters of enlightenment, is acquaintance. There is no sophistication of intellect that can purchase enlightenment. The moment a person thinks they have earned enlightenment, by any kind of merit, intelligence, God’s favor, whatever, it is lost.

In my experience providence never fails. Whatever our true pursuit is providence assures success. For some of us providence makes certain that we can not avoid a very narrow path. Any error is met with low tolerance. I have reduced my life to that state a number of times but sometimes people arrive here in such a condition or conditions evolve that are very tough. When I consider the reality that we share and the extraordinary hardships that abound I am driven to enlightenment. Enlightenment is a realization, I am confident is just lying around waiting for discovery. It is not to be accomplished and some people have discovered it.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

The Confidence of Now


Begin with the admission; All people expect my person will be a success. Success is expected of each of us. Identify the success already known and choose to continue or end it. When all behavior is seen as success, I choose the success I want, the behavior I want.

Traditionally success is considered to represent how well a person makes educational and occupational choices, that certainly does represent success. This is but one metric and success is a more complicated equation. Achievement in business, in a career that brings prosperity, a comfortable home and retirement, good health, can all be achieved and yet we ache for something else. Our mind, when it is not busy juggling the demands of our daily needs, busies itself in some other way. Much of what occupies our mind is repetitive thought. Like a mantra the same thoughts spiral round and round. We can avoid these thoughts by creating distractions, read a book, listen to music, play a game, watch T.V., involve our self with a hobby, socialize, it is a never-ending list. At some point, when we are not distracted, we are left with our habit of thought. That habit, for some, may well be distraction itself or perhaps it is all distraction.

We can build success beginning with our habit of thought and our thought filled habit can easily undermine success. Then that is success although we tend to consider it as a failure. Poor habit or good habit produce results, that is their respective success. Reducing the clamor of negative thought undresses opportunity. Without the noise a certain calm is present and we are able to own the condition of our life. This calm is satisfaction and from it springs true success. A calm mind, clear of burdensome thought, is peace and peace, I think, is the success we all want. All that distracts us from this calm, from peace of mind, has purpose. To teach us how it is that we are not calm and at peace. It is easy to imagine that outside influence is responsible for disturbing our calm, it is a simple and effective trap, but never true. We can be calm and of a peaceful mind no matter the circumstance, this is the success I seek.

I think a peaceful mind and a calm demeanor make all success possible, that it is the place to start a successful life. I think when we imagine success as being the job we have and measure its value by our buying power we spend our time expecting outside trappings to bring us a sense of fulfillment, of happiness and success. I think the way it works is from the inside out.  Certainly a person can pursue this calm, can find peace of mind through the traditional pursuit of success; education and career.  Prosperity through hard and good work. That is as likely to work as establishing the peace at the outset but for me I am driven to establish the peaceful calm as a center to build from. There is something about this approach that seems more durable. More direct. To me it seems the only success worthy of pursuit and that the process addresses all other concerns.

Now. Now is always the concern. Only when we consider our condition as being manifest now can anything be realized. Whatever we are doing now is in fact our reality and the only thing that prevents any person from realizing the condition or circumstance they want is what they entertain instead of that now. Now is the magic and when it is different from what we want it is because we have occupied now with that. Now, magic or whatever, does need existence and existence is born of providence. The aspect of now that is our prize is calm and peace of mind. These are the true value as they reveal the worth of any circumstance even if it is just that simple peace and calm. They are free. They are gifts. They can not be accomplished but rather are received by letting all else go.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Chalkboards and Other Dark Places

Well that took a while, since my last post seventeen days have passed. I have been busy, sifting through my life and writing my way out of it. Nothing fit for blog posting. I have been having an issue with self-hate. That has been going on for some time and it finally came to a climax. I have been working to sort it out for a few years and the more work I did the louder this idea of self-hate became. Did not make sense to me but it kept coming up until it was all that was up. That is not what I expected, I expected it to diminish as I worked and yet it became the constant noise in my head.

Having been through difficulty I have a good idea what triggered the hate, but what I could not see, was where it lived in my life. You see the trigger is one thing but that can not give rise to what is not there. Once triggered, hate, will fester, grow and pollute. While there are many ways to repair something like this we are each given the way best suited to serve who we are. What we have to do. For me I had to return to the events in my life where I did hate myself, what had happened to me, and find the choices that were this hate. I had no idea where to look for it or that this was what I had to do. As time passed, naturally, it became clear. This stuff lived in my past and did not come from what triggered it. Once triggered it was able to grow and become established.

Most of this nastiness was from my early childhood, first, second, third and fourth grade. It was a tough time in my life. I even considered and made a feeble attempt at suicide, in second grade. I was Catholic, I did not figure I would die, I figured I would go to heaven and from there look down and see if my loved ones had any care for me. It did not seem to me that they did and I wanted some answers. Going back in time, to events that shaped my life, due to their unpleasantness, was pretty darn unpleasant. Up close and personal with the worst moments my life has to offer, wallowing around in the muck to find some choice I never knew I made. If it is not something you have to do, I would not recommend it, but if it is what must be done, by all means get it over with. That is what I did over the holidays, admittedly I had been working on the project for some time but this is when the heavy lifting came up. I thought I had already gotten most of it done and I guess I had. Perhaps now I have completed that project but I have been fooled before.

I do feel that I have a clean slate. As if all the scribbles and notes on life’s chalkboard have riddled an answer and now the board is wiped clean again. That was a big piece of work. I wonder if finally I have found all the pieces and fit them back together the way they were meant to be.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Happy New Year!