The Confidence of Now


Begin with the admission; All people expect my person will be a success. Success is expected of each of us. Identify the success already known and choose to continue or end it. When all behavior is seen as success, I choose the success I want, the behavior I want.

Traditionally success is considered to represent how well a person makes educational and occupational choices, that certainly does represent success. This is but one metric and success is a more complicated equation. Achievement in business, in a career that brings prosperity, a comfortable home and retirement, good health, can all be achieved and yet we ache for something else. Our mind, when it is not busy juggling the demands of our daily needs, busies itself in some other way. Much of what occupies our mind is repetitive thought. Like a mantra the same thoughts spiral round and round. We can avoid these thoughts by creating distractions, read a book, listen to music, play a game, watch T.V., involve our self with a hobby, socialize, it is a never-ending list. At some point, when we are not distracted, we are left with our habit of thought. That habit, for some, may well be distraction itself or perhaps it is all distraction.

We can build success beginning with our habit of thought and our thought filled habit can easily undermine success. Then that is success although we tend to consider it as a failure. Poor habit or good habit produce results, that is their respective success. Reducing the clamor of negative thought undresses opportunity. Without the noise a certain calm is present and we are able to own the condition of our life. This calm is satisfaction and from it springs true success. A calm mind, clear of burdensome thought, is peace and peace, I think, is the success we all want. All that distracts us from this calm, from peace of mind, has purpose. To teach us how it is that we are not calm and at peace. It is easy to imagine that outside influence is responsible for disturbing our calm, it is a simple and effective trap, but never true. We can be calm and of a peaceful mind no matter the circumstance, this is the success I seek.

I think a peaceful mind and a calm demeanor make all success possible, that it is the place to start a successful life. I think when we imagine success as being the job we have and measure its value by our buying power we spend our time expecting outside trappings to bring us a sense of fulfillment, of happiness and success. I think the way it works is from the inside out.  Certainly a person can pursue this calm, can find peace of mind through the traditional pursuit of success; education and career.  Prosperity through hard and good work. That is as likely to work as establishing the peace at the outset but for me I am driven to establish the peaceful calm as a center to build from. There is something about this approach that seems more durable. More direct. To me it seems the only success worthy of pursuit and that the process addresses all other concerns.

Now. Now is always the concern. Only when we consider our condition as being manifest now can anything be realized. Whatever we are doing now is in fact our reality and the only thing that prevents any person from realizing the condition or circumstance they want is what they entertain instead of that now. Now is the magic and when it is different from what we want it is because we have occupied now with that. Now, magic or whatever, does need existence and existence is born of providence. The aspect of now that is our prize is calm and peace of mind. These are the true value as they reveal the worth of any circumstance even if it is just that simple peace and calm. They are free. They are gifts. They can not be accomplished but rather are received by letting all else go.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

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