Divine Affirmation

Choosing my activity, anticipating being known as an authority people can be comfortable with requires being comfortable with myself. I now see that I can use affirmations to achieve this condition of being comfortable. With affirmations I have known both success and incompetence. In the last few years incompetence has been the norm. Both outcomes are delivered with the same ease. In the last week I have produced the exact result I had in mind, twice, by simply using an affirmation.

I enjoy writing as the Mystic Tourist, but none the less, after posting my work I get uncomfortable. This routine created a habit of thought that was unhealthy. I corrected it using the simple affirmation “All is good, all is well.” Armed with this affirmation I returned to writing and after two posts the same injurious habit of thought returned. Although very weak, it was back and surely would grow strong without intervention. I decided to try building another affirmation using my divining rod to guide me. Worked like a charm. The use of my divining rod in crafting my affirmation is what determined the effectiveness of the affirmation. Using affirmations successfully is not new to me. What is new is my appreciation for the surgical accuracy required for success today.

Simply having a poor habit and throwing an affirmation on it proved ineffective, counterproductive. My ineffective affirmation had been tailored to cure the symptom and short of curing the problem, it only made things worse. What I have learned is I need to craft affirmations exactingly. Of course this seems obvious now. I am well-practiced at divination and had I thought to divine this I would have seen this path years ago. It is habit itself that prevents us from seeing the obvious, or conversely, enables sight of it.

Let’s see what can happen if I knock my inner bully down and stop beating myself up.

Are you wondering what authority I might presume myself to be? I am the same authority anyone is and that authority is the authority of the experience concerning who and how I am.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

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