The Complexity of Now

Now is not complex, it is everything we engage in, instead of now, that is complex. Now is the simple magic of existence. The only time anything can or will happen. All that can be, all that ever will be, all that has been, is contained in its entirety, now. It is magic. It is creation. It is now. Without it there is nothing. It lasts only for a moment and yet without that moment nothing exists.

Of late affirmations have taken center stage in my life. Truth is, I am very good with affirmations. They are as powerful a tool for change and personal growth as I have ever known. There are rules for the effective use of affirmations, at least for me and I have a great deal of experience using them to successfully become the person I prefer to be. The primary rule of affirmation is present tense. An affirmation, by definition, must reflect a condition that is in the present, not the future or the past but now. If it is something that you can, might or would do, it is not an affirmation. It is best to be concise. I have found that when I create an affirmation it often needs work. I usually work with an affirmation for several days and as the time passes I prune and tune it until its nuance is entirely now and as brief as possible. It is surprising how very small adjustment to nuance makes the difference between success and a waste of time.

In my last post, Divine Affirmation, I wrote of frustration. I felt that I had experienced a period of incompetence with my use of affirmations. Jumped the gun there. I might have found a more direct path to success but none the less the work I did, including my use of affirmation, produced success. I have seen as much personal growth and achievement since I started this blog as I have at any other time in my life. Much of that has been recent, my assessment of my life and what shaped it is different today than it was even a few days ago.  The recent pace of change is extreme. My life has changed and I can no longer consider it the way I always have. I am not the way I thought I was. I traveled to my past and shone a light in the darkest places. I found the person I might have been, I made the better choice I did not make then. I have a brand new past. One I like much better. I did not set out to do this. I only found it along my way.

I concern myself with my spiritual health and pretty much nothing else. Sure I have distractions, I like politics and social issues but the driving force to everything in my life is spirituality. I have no other concern. I believe in God but not perhaps as you might think. God, or the absolute, the way things actually are, truth, is inseparable from any spiritual quest and I can think of nothing else worth doing. Because my spiritual template is based on the absolute everything I am given to do is fulfilled by my spiritual success. The surest proof of this is compassion. I am devoted to what is absolute and compassion is absolute. How do I make this observation? It knows only a single measure, enough. Another of my rules is confidence. I have no faith. I believe instead in providence and I expect that my life content is produced by it. I am as devoted to the people I find in my life as I am to anything. I have loved ones and their importance is made clear by providence. Of course my devotion extends to them.

I do expect a lot from my spiritual path. Success in every aspect of life. It is an all in approach and the proof is in the end result. Along the way the successes are obvious, one after another. That is a powerful incentive giving hope that in the long haul the effort proves its worth. All this intellect poured into spirituality, is it a waste of time? Personally, it is gratifying. I learn so much but why not a more traditional path? Maybe read a book or otherwise take counsel in what has worked for others. I do expect to answer that with a success that can be realized by no other means. To realize the magic that is the simplicity of now. To have success in all that I do by simple acceptance of it, by allowance. Set aside all that is in conflict with success, success in its full measure, by accepting it as present now. I am sure that this is how things work and I am much less angry about presenting an example, of now, than ever I have been.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

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