Insanity, Imagination or Spirituality?

Imaginary worlds and spiritual worlds, is there a difference? Is the spiritual possibility merely overactive or unrestrained imagination? Wishful thinking? It is essential to ask this question if there is to be any hope of a meaningful spiritual experience. Faith is not enough, at least not for me. For many faith is enough. A belief in something beyond biology that gives meaning, hope and strength. For me faith is a limitation, a surrender to complacency. A lazy or cowardly avoidance of accountability. If there is a spiritual world and I have a spiritual nature then that is something that can be demonstrated, I ought to do it. If it can not be demonstrated, of what possible value could it be? There can be no harm in expecting what actually is to be observable as well. To have practical purpose and use in my day-to-day life. Without that it is pretty useless and borders on make-believe.

That is of course where faith is useful. If I lack confidence, but have faith, faith pretends to be confidence and that is powerful. Others may simply be confident of their spiritual existence. With confidence then faith allows for a sense of resolve and more pressing concerns are free to be considered. How then, if I expect empirical proof of spiritual life, to do both? To be both spiritual and animal. Equal parts. To live the divine life instead of expecting another to do it for me. It is not a saintly act, I am sure of that. At least not in the sense that one can merit or earn a divine state. It is more the opposite of that, just straight up grace. A simple matter of letting go so that our true nature is self-evident. Realized.

It has been my experience that profound spiritual experience, is comparatively easy, when it is mostly a private concern. To bring the experience into the shared community of humanity at large, for me at least, has been more of a challenge. Not very easy. Probably because I do not really know how to do it. I have to learn it and being my own teacher, it is a walk in the dark. I can not imagine that there is really any other way to do it. Not for me, that is not who I am. Another concern for those of us who choose my path is fraud. There is no more obvious example of fraud than when it presents itself under the guise of spirituality. People are easily fooled, we often fool ourselves and this an area where people are easily taken advantage of. The objective, I think, must be example. I am not inclined to teach, rather to make an example and others then are encouraged to find their own way. To learn to teach themselves.

Many people are sensitive to spiritual experience but without the skills to cope. People hear and see things that they have no idea how to process. I believe it contributes to mental illness. People become psychotic or develop a psychosis. I believe that those conditions are influenced by the spiritual world. Some people are able to recognize it but have no point of reference, or mechanism to help them cope. The spiritual beings that are most commonly experienced are temporal and they can be dangerous. At least that has been my experience. Unless you have a natural aptitude, and can not avoid recognition of the world of spirits, you need to develop the sensitivity. We all have to ability because we are all spiritual by nature. That is what I believe.

If you have no reason to believe in spirituality, in being a spiritual being, then you do not believe me and I approve of that. You should not believe me if you can not see your way to doing it and I take no offence. If you are a religious person, a person of faith and you do not believe me, I have to ask you why? Is not your faith based on the kind of experience I write about here? The sort of experience you believe people have had. I am writing about my personal experience and am quite sane. Whose experience should I trust if not the experience creation gave me? I exist. Should I expect someone else to have experience for me to base my life on, or trust that if such an experience is possible, I too might have such an experience?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

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