Soul-Copy and Paste

The following is a response I gave in a comment thread about an article, a gentleman named Drew, posted elsewhere. It is my comment and I have exercised my privilege to copy and paste it here. In his article Drew had endeavored to say that the science regarding the soul increasingly demonstrated that the soul does not exist. My response clarifies much of how I consider existence itself as well as my experience of it. It belongs here on my site as much as it belongs anywhere and I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the link to the article if you want to read it: Four Bad Arguments for the Soul

Hi Ron. Perhaps Drew will join us and shed more light on his assertion, or consideration, that the soul may be fiction. Personally I have no problem with that, as it could not possibly make any difference. We can not change what is, only how, and all remains as it is with the exception of how we consider it.

For me personally I only recently gave the soul any real consideration. It was always presented in the most impossible predicament. Save it or have it spend eternity in hell. Right, I have no time for that. I suspect that the soul Drew would prove or disprove only exists as a figment of imagination. As such it does exist but is absent any durable quality.

My own experience, of the soul, is not at all like what I imagine people like to consider to it be. It is independent, in every sense, from the animal expression we consider our self to be. On the other hand we could not exist without it. It gives us permission to create the experience we have, within the constraints of what does actually exist. We can be the bridge between the animal world and the reality of origin, of existence, from which the possibility that is our experience of life, springs and returns. Our soul. It needs no salvation but rather is our salvation. It is what is. Who is. Or it is naught. It makes no difference.

Should I find the way to give the soul a place, in animal form, to walk among men I will let you know. I am quite certain it has been done before and it will be done again. There may well be people today walking among us in the company of the soul.

Michael The Mystic Tourist ©2013

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