I Found Solomon’s Key

Compassion The Bridge

In considering divinity compassion is the bridge. It binds, as one, the person we are. This one person then forms the central pillar in a temple that presents divinity. It is a space that is created where previously it was naught, in an instant, it appears from naught and it is.

For me the Key of Solomon is the temple. The template for the key is David’s Star. The two triangles represent divinity. The points of the star are particular attributes but the star itself is actually the two bases of interlocking pyramids. The pyramid whose base forms the ceiling, of the temple, is inverted, aligned and fixed in place along the spine or central nervous system. Our soul stands on the ceiling as it is the floor known to our soul and our temporal self, or animal, stands on the floor as it appears in our animal reality. Theses inverted pyramids create something of a prism and we are allowed a singular focus and orientation.

Orientation. The forward most point of the star belongs to the pyramid that seems inverted as we stand in human form, its base is the ceiling of our temple. That forward most point is ascension. The other two points, of the triangular base that is our ceiling, moving clockwise, are presence and being. Directly opposite ascension and behind us in our human presence is humility. As our soul stands, on its floor, the ceiling of our temple, its orientation is such that humility is its forward most point. As we stand on the floor of our temple, as animal, humility is directly behind us. Moving clockwise, from humility, the other two points of the triangular floor of our temple are, intellect and emotion.

This understanding of David’s Star and Solomon’s Key is the product of what I call a mysticism. I did not read about it. It occurred to me that the star was the template for the key. I then considered it at length until I understood it as I do. It also involves the Kundalini. I came to understand the seven primary chakras, how they work and just what the Kundalini is, in the same way, I did a mysticism. In all of this compassion is the key, the singular ingredient that makes all of it work. It has a magical quality, it is an absolute. All absolutes are magical. Absolutes can not be possessed. Any person can find them but ownership is not possible. We have to let go and when we do the magic is released.

The space, created from naught, by the magical appearance of this temple, is an actual place. When I first discovered it I was trying to piece together what I was puzzling with about it, to see how it worked. I was futzing around with different alignments, the Kundalini, the points and structure of the star, rotations and movements, and it suddenly appeared creating a place. A temple. At the time it was a private thing to do. The experience was profound. Today I can no longer be content with privacy and I am having to learn a new lesson about compassion. The magic elixir that makes this work. I have to let compassion extend to the person I have found myself to be. The person I have never liked or wanted to be. The person standing in the open and telling this story. You see, it is easy for me to have this as a private experience, except that I am no longer allowed that pleasure. I have always thought it unreasonable, the notion that I have to be publicly spiritual and so I have a long history of beating myself up over it. It is that public person I am charged to have compassion for. In letting go, of my self-defeating inclinations, compassion creates a new me and a new magic.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

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