No Traditional Path

Human spirituality is my basket and God is its handle. A boundlessness that accommodates every possible concern. I feel good sharing my spirituality, my thoughts of God and our spiritual nature. A calm and ease is seeping into my life. It is due to my decision to bring my spirituality into the open. To make public my spiritual life. I expect that casualness, that is calm and ease, to unleash my creativity.

For whatever reason, I am a mystic. I always have been. I came to understand I am this way in my middle teens. I did not receive the news well and I decided to break my life. Oh the joys of youth. I was not satisfied to break it just once and I managed to ruin my life four times. All because I did not want to be what I am. A mystic. I have no other drive, my sense of mysticism encompasses my whole life. Everything I have to do. I knew then, as I know now, I would have to acknowledge my mysticism in a public way. I also knew that I had no traditional path. I could not look to others to find my way. No teachers, no books, just walk the walk. Providence alone would guide my way. Well here I am.

What will I do with my life now that I have discarded my self-imposed taboo and replaced my outrage with approval? What will I learn about human spirituality now that I have decided that I will live openly as a spiritual person?

The life I might have had, as a young man, that choice, has been restored. The gift that was success, by the circumstance of my birth, is offering me a second chance. To choose the life that was before me then, instead of the mess I made. The difficulties I built into my life have been with me a long time and are like an old friend. This kind of familiarity lends itself to permanence and a certain delicacy is needed to let it go. As I take up my promise, making my best choice, my gifts begin to take form. I am who I am but I have yet to do what I am about to do, what I have always refused to do. Much like this stuff I write, I will find out what those gifts are capable of as they present themselves.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

2 thoughts on “No Traditional Path

  1. I to am a mystic. I would give all and everything to break this wretched course that has been thrown on me.
    There is not one bit of positive that I see in this unwanted curse.
    What I am to believe is The One I trust is the same One who keeps throwing Satan at me. That my praise of The Lord will save me from Him/The Lord casting Satan at me.
    At best this is a sick/pathetic relationship that seemingly can only be broken off with my death.
    I have always known that I am paying for someone sins.
    For this I look at God as a sadistic, cruel entity.

  2. Satanic. It has been my experience that Satans can only usurp power by our approval. We have to invite and allow them. This is done through ignorance and we have no memory of our agreement. When we are pestered by Satans its true value is a lesson to learn. To learn to let them go.

    Satans are like everything else, you can not shut them out, only in. To let them go the barriers we build against them need to be abandoned as they only serve to trap them were we are. They have no power except what we give them.

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