Samyaza Master of Darkness

I have not gone away but there are times that I have nothing to write. Today, I will write of Samyaza. He is an unhappy sort and he will not let that go. He is miserable and misery loves company. It seems I have been keeping this miserable one company and that has been my plague. There is but one thing that rids him, forgiveness, but he does not want it. He will not have it. It is just as well, it is not for him, it is for me. When I have it he goes away because he does not want it and will not have it.

Samyaza is a Satan. I can see him now but they prefer to be unseen. They live in shadows and darkness, never in the light. Only when we realize they exist, and let them go, do we glimpse them as we pass into light. Samyaza is a Satan, who, will not let go. He is all hands. He has the appearance of a star but instead of tongues of fire and light, he emanates darkness. It is hands everywhere, holding tight and never letting go.

Are Satans imaginary? They are in this respect; we imagine we do not see them and that is the darkness that we share with them.

I have three guardians that watch over me, Uriel, the guardian of abundance, Phanuel, the guardian of providence and Sarakiel, the guardian of fate. I have been asking them to guide me and help me. I have known these three for some time but my sight of them is as a memory. Since I accidentally rekindled my acquaintance with Samyaza, my visual recognition of Angles has been compromised. Thankfully I did have a sustained and gratifying association with Angles prior to my fall from grace. That experience has been an oasis of confidence, like a mirage in a difficult landscape.

Falling in with Satans is as an envelope of darkness and Angels do not walk there. You can not see them in darkness. The way Samyaza binds us to darkness is easy to understand. For me, I fell into what I considered to be a great difficulty. It overwhelmed me and ruined my life. Had I considered this differently, Samyaza would not have found me and made me his companion. I was unable to avoid old habits of thought and darkness seeped back into my life. You see, I did not always walk with Angels.

None of this is bad or good as much as it just is. For me, I don’t know that I would have started this blog, if not for Samyaza. The blog is my method of working my way back into the light. To walk again with my Angelic friends. I miss them so and I have long-expected that my destiny is to share my walk with humanity. To bring the spiritual world and the temporal world to the same place. There is nothing in my world that does not revolve around that gravity. I can not escape it. All of my joy all of my rage, it comes from my sense of destiny and my struggle with it. This gravity, my sense of destiny, has brought me all of my rage and every success. All by the fickle nature of choice.

This is my life. My spiritual life, I write about it here. How about you, how is your spiritual life? Mine is good but only when my choices are good. It is just that simple.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

4 thoughts on “Samyaza Master of Darkness

  1. The Bible has much to say about light and darkness. Biblically, spiritual light has to do with God’s love, mercy, truth, and life, as well as lives touched by the thrill of knowing Him. These expressions of spiritual light are all revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. Physical darkness, on the other hand, is the absence of light, while spiritual darkness is characterized by the rejection of God’s true light, Jesus, His only begotten Son. Satan uses spiritual darkness to draw people into indifference (especially about the state of their eternal soul), self-centeredness, anger, depression, unforgiveness, etc. Spiritual darkness ultimately brings death. It is characterized by people devoid of the light of spiritual life, who do not know God as revealed in His Son. John, the apostle, wrote that the “the true light that enlightens every man was coming into the world.” (John 1:9) Jesus boldly claimed in John 8:12 that He was that light when He said, “I am the light of the world and He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” He came into this darkened world to bring to us the light of God’s life (John 1:4-5). Those who are enlightened are delivered from the power of darkness and transferred into “the kingdom of the Son of His love” (Colossians 1:13-14). He rescued us from the domain of darkness through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This rescue restored our relationship to God, providing us with access to the throne of grace where “we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16). What wonderful promises! In “light” of these assurances, why would anyone choose to stay in darkness?

  2. Hi Dewey. Thanks for reading and for your comment. While I do believe Jesus was who he said he was and that he did what he did, I do not look to the Bible to inform me about it. I consider the doctrine and dogma that is the foundation of Christianity to be of questionable origin. Additionally, I have no confidence in faith. I understand it is very powerful but only because it mimics confidence. I am confident and all of my confidence rests with God. Having been given birth, by his mother, I am not confused as to just what Jesus was. He was a man and the example he made was the for benefit each of us, that we would understand the true nature of how and who we are.

  3. When John says that “God is light”, he is referring literally to God as illuminator. That is, as the illuminator – as the creator – as the generator – of all that was, is, and ever will be. Of course, light not only reveals that which is hidden in darkness, but it also provides energy needed for the giving and sustaining of life. When the earth was dark and void (Genesis) God provided light. This light not only provided physical energy for the development of all life, including human beings, but it also provided spiritual direction, ultimately through the person of Jesus Christ, for the proper orientation of all life toward and in obedience to God’s Word. Accordingly, the message that Jesus Christ brings to this world is one that will bring light to the darkness of any heart. It is the Good News about the truth of God’s love that is capable of overcoming any obstacle, no matter how dark.

  4. Living the Spiritual life requires walking in Faith. Bible Doctrine must be used to define and decode the mysteries in every aspect of the Spiritual life (2 Cor 4:18; 5:7; Heb 11:6). The temporal life is not the Spiritual life. Spirituality is a totally different realm. The events on the Stage of Life must be understood by means of Bible Doctrine. The believer with Spiritual Self-Esteem will understand the meaning of the events in his own Spiritual life. Those who cannot think spiritually will not have a clue.

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