His Name is Ikisat

I feel safe  thinking that nearly all people are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. That a serpent tempted Eve and she in turn shared the forbidden fruit with Adam. The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Well Ikisat is such a Satan, a serpent. There is no Satan more intimate than a serpent. The serpent occupies our person through the eyes, the mouth, the ears, any orifice will do, he is a serpent and that is their nature. They cloud our vision, corrupt our speech, distort what we hear, punish us sexually and otherwise injure our vital physiologic functions. There is no more corrupting influence than Ikisat the serpent.

It is difficult to have any clarity of matters spiritual when one is keeping Ikisat as a companion. Satans would persuade us to ignore our spiritual worth and heritage. They displace it with their influence. They are after all spiritual beings but they are without grace and would deny us grace by our association with them. We must agree to associate with them but these agreements are made when we are distracted. We have no recollection of them or the Satans with whom we mingle. This is what separates us from spiritual freedom and clarity, our choice, albeit it out of ignorance, to associate with Satans.

So what to do rid ourselves of such an influence, the resident serpent? Ask it to leave. Advise the serpent that you wish to dissolve the association. They are not inclined to do it but if you persist, they have no choice. In these matters the power and authority of choice rests with us. That is how it all started and how it persists.

There is a tendency to be frightened of Satans. We have imagined them other than they are. They have no power. They influence us, that is true, but they only influence us to make a choice. Often a choice we are unaware of. It is those choices and where they lead that endanger us.

These are spiritual matters and I am a mystic. I see things in spiritual terms. I am doing my best to communicate what I see for whatever it is worth. Tomorrow I expect to complete my exposé of the five types of Satan I am aware of. Thank you for reading.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

2 thoughts on “His Name is Ikisat

  1. Ikisat are seraphim, one of God’s highest angelic choir, who actually have seen God.
    Clinging to the perceived evil of a snake saying words because people wish to blame others without force of any kind for their deliberate mistakes is not very enlightened.

    What a propagandist darkness.

  2. S, when I met Ikisat, Ikisat was not at all as you have suggested. Ikisat presented as a serpent and was a Satan. I am not convinced that Satan’s are evil. I do not believe I have suggested that they are. They are a corruption of spirit, as near as I can tell, and they are temporal. They are corrupted spirits, they have no durable quality. The only authority they have is our own. We surrender our authority to them.

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