A Chip on My Shoulder

Having made the decision to forgo daily alcohol consumption, I remain physically tense and at ill ease in my body and person. I feel better but irritability and tension remain, continuing to displace my self. This implies that there is yet more to do, that I continue to express behavior that is contrary to my self, behavior that displaces my self. I expect it may be behavior that is absent, things I have not done, or a structure of person produced of habit. I consider this and turn my attention to my external companion, my self, a transparent presence beside me that represents my self, calm begins to displace tension. As I consider this encounter, with my self, it seems the concern displacing  my self, from my person, is clutter. A dearth of activity left undone.

I am familiar with a number of healing arts and am trained as an Acupressurist. Much of the healing work, I have done, has been done discreetly, in the quite of physical solitude. I have tried to support myself, as a healer, but have never found a successful business model. When I consider how to bring my person, self, and form, to the same bearing, this is what comes up, healing work. Where to start?

When we invest our time and energy, in our day-to-day activities, and considerations – thought, habits, actions – we create the past as well as a future. Both of these conditions, past and the future, can be modified. We can consider our past, its shortcomings, and change how it is considered. Identify circumstance, persons, places, things, that represent injury, or some regret, and change how we carry it. Identify attitude/emotion and forgive our self, others and God, while asking for forgiveness in return. Letting it all go.

As we build a past it creates a future, much like planning a trip. If we make the effort and correct our past, the future generated from past considerations continues to pull us along its course. It has its own gravity. Just as we can correct, heal our past, the future behaves the same way. We can look to the future and dismantle its gravity. This is the area of my life I will look to as I consider how to bring healing to where I am now. The future.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

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