All Deception Fails in The Light of Truth

By my observation we are spiritual beings who have abandoned what is spiritual to the realm of collective denial. Carte blanche ignorance. A complete blackout. Our social contract, concerning our shared spiritual experience, releases us from all responsibility of the spiritual condition we share.

Well, not exactly.

Ignorance and its promise, denial, do mask what is our responsibility and that permits innumerable corruptions, shenanigans in our spiritual interactions. As I work to establish recognizable spiritual parameters, I find evidence of just that; shenanigans. When the fundamental spiritual agreement we share, is one of ignorance, what actually takes place between us and is spiritual, is easily perverted and manipulated.

Life is full of many joys and distractions that are fixed to our spiritual expression and experience. It is spirit that animates us. When we are happy or sad, angry or glad, a corresponding spirit fills us, motivates and animates us. Everything that produces behavior is spiritual, is spirit. There are underlying reservoirs, catches of spiritual influence that are our true spiritual source. The stuff we ignore to the point of denial.

The influence of ignorance and denial leaves many of us frightened of the underlying spiritual content of life. Instead of coming to terms with our spirituality, we have fabricated a fiction. That fiction is filled with supernatural beings, some of them scary monsters, and others, kind and generous. The monsters are nothing more than lies that none-the-less populate our shared interpersonal reality.

I imagine that there is an eternal conscious reservoir of being that gave rise to our sentience. The alternative, that life and awareness is some sort of biochemical accident that will disappear with time, seems absurd. I do not believe we gave rise to awareness and sentience, I believe it gave rise to us. Any eternal being would be absolute and therefore be kind and generous. That is because absolutes are inexhaustible. Compassion is an absolute as it can only know one measure, enough. It is inexhaustible. It is kind. It is generous.

False spirits are a dominate reality in our interpersonal relations. I run into their influence all the time. People are frightened of them, yet all they wield is influence. Satan’s, Demon’s and Devil’s, are false spirits. They can’t hurt you, but their influence can.

As I walk my spiritual path I find that it leads me to address Satan’s and their spawn. Just because they are real, doesn’t mean they’re true. Working to establish a tangible and true spiritual place to live, can not be complete without dismissal of the lies surrounding the truth. There is no lie without the truth. The truth sustains all and can suffer no harm by lies cast upon it. The lie requires the truth to exist, but the truth, has no use for the lie. While the lie would detract, in the end, it can only draw attention to what is true, as all lies are the failure of their own insignificance.

Unless I live as a hermit or otherwise hide my spiritual life from view, I am left to address the false spirits in the world around me. To speak truth in their presence.

Some years back I had the amusing experience of meeting a Demon. Demon’s thrive in tense difficult environments. In conflict. The conflict in this environment belonged to just one person but we all had to cope with it. It was a particularly tense day when I noticed, after everyone else had left, something moving about. It did not want to be seen so I decided to pursue it. I learned that Demon’s require the blackness of ignorance. They can not exist in the light of awareness and simply fade away into our collective denial. Into its blackness.

It is the same with any false spirit, you know, Satan’s and Devil’s. All deception fails in the light of truth.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist © 2018

Background Noise

I have written about Angles, Satan’s, Ascendant Beings, Devils, Divas and Demons. I have written that I have seen them and that I believe everyone has. Perhaps a little background is in order. Why do I believe such things? To begin with, I don’t think it is much of a stretch. We live in a world where religion is a dominate influence. Billions of people believe that what I personally have experienced is real. Many believe that only some long dead prophet, or saint, is allowed recognition as having credibility in matters of spiritual encounter. Some make exceptions for charismatic preachers or holy persons. They are often people gifted with the art of persuasion. I am not looking to persuade, only to represent.

When I was young, yet still a boy, I had imaginary friends. I know this because my mother told me. As a young adult, hanging around in her kitchen, she told me of her frustration with me when I was a young boy. I was well past toddling, a boy, and I was bringing with me my imaginary friends. I was quite sure they were real and that everyone could see them. I would introduce them to people, and by her telling, all of the adults in my life were frustrated by this. I must have been at least as frustrated as the adults.

Twenty five years later I am entering my thirties and recently sober. In order to work, I needed to drink. I had been drinking a lot. Giving up drink meant giving up work. I tried to keep working, but absent drink, the pain just gobbled me up and put an end to it. I eventually landed in the office of one of the areas most respected orthopedic surgeons. He put my ex-rays up on the board, and as the light began to flicker behind it, he flipped it off and started yelling at me. As he did that he hurried around his office and collected all of the muscle relaxant samples he could find, put them in a box, and handed it to me. He told me that people in my condition did not recover, I was not going to get better. I needed to go back to school and learn to sit at a desk. Physical labor, was not an option for me.

Frank was looking at images taken two-and-a-half years earlier, of an injury I suffered a five years prior to my appointment in his office. He knew what I was doing to address the issue, and that I was only in his office because I was tired of Lynn, my girlfriend, griping at me all the time. She was convinced I could not possibly be having the problems I was having, because, I had never seen a M.D. When he was done with his rant about people in my condition, never recovering, he told me that some people ignored his advise and recovered anyway, but, I was not going to be one of those and I damn well better take his advise. For my own good. A rough manner but I really liked him. I ignored his advise. I am pretty sure he expected I would.

I just wanted to be able to stand up straight and not be in so much pain. I had been carrying my right shoulder several inches lower than my left for five years. Eight to ten inches lower. I was using acupressure, psychotherapy, visualization, I was sleeping on a board, all in an effort to straighten out my back and level off my shoulders. I was so uncomfortable that it was common to get to the end of my day, and then realize, I had spent it out-of-body. Floating above myself detached. A very bizarre experience.

The initial recovery was an uninterrupted year-and-a-half followed with two three month set-backs. I spent two years restoring my health enough to return to physical labor. Even then, the pain I experienced would sometimes drive me to tears. I worked through it. To this day I am still working through it.

The recovery process was a spiritual awakening. Extremely visual. It was very powerful and I was moved to give up my marijuana habit as well as the booze. I needed to be sure that my experience was not being influenced by the psychoactive qualities of the herb, so I gave it up. The intensity of my experience was in no way harmed by this decision.

Along the way I bought the Book of Enoch. I read bits-and-pieces of Enoch and had the experience of reading between the lines. Very interesting. As I read, words that were not written were the words that I was reading. Okay. I did not expect that.

I bought the book because I was interested in Angles, and I knew, that Enoch named Angels. Turns out Enoch also names Satan’s. After the “between-the-lines” experience, I came to accept that the book was largely fiction, and its value, was woven between the words. It was not written down and understanding that was the wisdom found between-the-lines.

My interest in Angels was aided by meeting a few. I was surprised to meet Sarakiel. The angel just showed up, hung around for three days, and was always in the company of three cherub. I would notice the presence from time to time as I went about my daily business. That was the experience. Another angel showed up late one night. A presence outside of the house. It was on the same plane as the floor of the house, but outside, suspended above the ground as if the floor somehow extended there. The blinds were closed and the angel was beyond them. That detail did not obscure the image. It was a comfortable soothing and exciting experience. I did not expect to meet these and it was my impression that they intended to meet me. It was as if they approached me and introduced themselves.

These are neither isolated experiences nor are they the only kind of spiritual encounters I have had. I will chronicle one more for the sake of texture. I met Ikisat one day. Ikisat is a character mentioned in the Book of Enoch. I was trying to figure out what Ikisat was. I thought perhaps, a specific sin. The book is indexed much like the Bible with each line numbered for reference sake. I called a Catholic priest to ask if he knew about this word. He asked for the chapter and verse and checked his book, a Catholic version of the same. His text referred to Ikisat as the serpent, not by name, just the serpent. I was irritated because I considered this somehow disingenuous. I continued my quest to better understand Ikisat.

Some days later I was startled by a serpent in my lap. Shiny, black, unpleasant. I then understood why the Catholic Book of Enoch called Ikisat a serpent. Ikisat is a Satan that is a serpent. I do not recall how I separated myself from it, but I did, and I suffered no harm. Just got schooled.

This was a very rich time in my life that fell into disrepair when my wife left me to raise our five-year old son and eight year old daughter on my own. She worked very hard to make that experience difficult for all involved, and the spiritual richness I had enjoyed, slipped away, displaced by my distractions.

I am certain that my decisions alone interrupted my rich spiritual life, and that providence, has laid the redress at my feet, uninterrupted.  I hope that writing as the Mystic Tourist will open a chapter that is again filled with the rich comfort of my past spiritual fullness. I expect that it will and that it will lead to an even greater measure of spiritual contentment than I previously knew.

That is why I write this. It is uncomfortable to be so revealing. This blog is public and I am not generally inclined to expose myself on such a personal level. I believe that it is the path laid before me and that is why I do it.

Thank you for reading.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2018