I Found Solomon’s Key

Compassion The Bridge

In considering divinity compassion is the bridge. It binds, as one, the person we are. This one person then forms the central pillar in a temple that presents divinity. It is a space that is created where previously it was naught, in an instant, it appears from naught and it is.

For me the Key of Solomon is the temple. The template for the key is David’s Star. The two triangles represent divinity. The points of the star are particular attributes but the star itself is actually the two bases of interlocking pyramids. The pyramid whose base forms the ceiling, of the temple, is inverted, aligned and fixed in place along the spine or central nervous system. Our soul stands on the ceiling as it is the floor known to our soul and our temporal self, or animal, stands on the floor as it appears in our animal reality. Theses inverted pyramids create something of a prism and we are allowed a singular focus and orientation.

Orientation. The forward most point of the star belongs to the pyramid that seems inverted as we stand in human form, its base is the ceiling of our temple. That forward most point is ascension. The other two points, of the triangular base that is our ceiling, moving clockwise, are presence and being. Directly opposite ascension and behind us in our human presence is humility. As our soul stands, on its floor, the ceiling of our temple, its orientation is such that humility is its forward most point. As we stand on the floor of our temple, as animal, humility is directly behind us. Moving clockwise, from humility, the other two points of the triangular floor of our temple are, intellect and emotion.

This understanding of David’s Star and Solomon’s Key is the product of what I call a mysticism. I did not read about it. It occurred to me that the star was the template for the key. I then considered it at length until I understood it as I do. It also involves the Kundalini. I came to understand the seven primary chakras, how they work and just what the Kundalini is, in the same way, I did a mysticism. In all of this compassion is the key, the singular ingredient that makes all of it work. It has a magical quality, it is an absolute. All absolutes are magical. Absolutes can not be possessed. Any person can find them but ownership is not possible. We have to let go and when we do the magic is released.

The space, created from naught, by the magical appearance of this temple, is an actual place. When I first discovered it I was trying to piece together what I was puzzling with about it, to see how it worked. I was futzing around with different alignments, the Kundalini, the points and structure of the star, rotations and movements, and it suddenly appeared creating a place. A temple. At the time it was a private thing to do. The experience was profound. Today I can no longer be content with privacy and I am having to learn a new lesson about compassion. The magic elixir that makes this work. I have to let compassion extend to the person I have found myself to be. The person I have never liked or wanted to be. The person standing in the open and telling this story. You see, it is easy for me to have this as a private experience, except that I am no longer allowed that pleasure. I have always thought it unreasonable, the notion that I have to be publicly spiritual and so I have a long history of beating myself up over it. It is that public person I am charged to have compassion for. In letting go, of my self-defeating inclinations, compassion creates a new me and a new magic.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

The Two Reality Lie

The temporal world is animated and each of us is free to animate our self as we desire. This animation becomes our surrogate, a replacement, or stand-in, for a more meaningful spiritual experience. It is spirit that animates us and we choose the sort of spirits that best support the way we present our self. Once we have made these determinations a community is established. A spiritual community. The spiritual content of temporal reality is populated by temporal spirits created by us and then ignored, creating a background reality. Our ignorance does not diminish this spiritual influence, only our perception of it. This ignorance also separates us from a spiritual reality independent of temporal form.

We have a person, a spiritual person, independent of temporal form. In our ignorance, of all things spiritual, we have created a false reality that pretends to be separate. In that it is false, pretend, in many ways it is a separate reality and does separate us from the spiritual world independent of temporal constraints. It does not have to be that way. We can surrender our determination to be ignorant and allow the appearance of our true spiritual identity to be what animates us. Doing that creates a passage and the spiritual community, known to our true spirit, has permission to populate the temporal world. The two worlds become one and the illusion of two worlds fails. Some call this magic, a miracle, but it is not. It is the way all things are, not some magical interruption, as magic is seen to be, but the simple everyday magic of being able to have cognition and awareness. We exist, that is magic and everything is magical.

The only success that motivates me is divinity. The dissolution of the two reality lie.

I believe our spiritual life is as I have described it. That all people have this same experience. When objective is divine living, choosing to allow the appearance of true spirit source to be what animates, that success changes the spiritual matrix of our shared reality. To my ego, this shift in our spiritual matrix, has the feel of conflict and the temptation to choose false spirits as my animation is strong. I find myself in negotiation. Our relationship with our true spirit is very intimate. Personal and private. My ego prefers it that way, perhaps because that is the only way it has known. Relaxing the ego creates the faculty of servitude and the ego becomes the servant of its true spirit. This is the purpose of ego.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

The Stillness I Seek

The Key of Solomon is without moving parts. It is from the Key that the illusion of movement becomes still. The stillness of the Key has no value, the value rests with me. When I am at rest, when I am still, I am the key.

In working to find this stillness I have been puzzling with the absolute known as compassion. It is absolute due to its quality of having only one measure. It is inexhaustible, always enough. A being can not withhold compassion and still have any measure of it. It is absolute, indifferent to fickleness. It remains enough. We can take no ownership of it and are only able to accept it without terms. It is the stillness I seek.

During this time, while I have considered compassion and its application, I have not been able to write and my blog has been silent. I am still here. Often my work is to write but not during this time.

Prior to my lesson on compassion I had been working with the spirit of compassion, Love, in order to spark the stillness that is compassion, I thought to use its spirit. I suppose that worked. It worked due to its failure. It made things worse. In working to repair a recurring theme of self-hate, hating not so much myself but my life, I was using the affirmation, “I love my life”. The truth is there were things that happened that I did not love. Painful, difficult and costly. A cost I have yet to pay, a cost I can not pay. I can not love these things. In my effort to tell myself, “I love my life”, the wound only festered and the echo of hate grew louder. I have no love for life’s difficulty and pain, mine or yours, but when I have compassion I allow life’s pain its place. In the boundless absolute of compassion pain gets lost. We can not hold on to our pain and have compassion. This is the lesson I needed to learn, not to love but to give permission. Admit and accept the pain that life has to offer by the only known remedy, compassion.

While writing this I learned that I had lost a loved one to cancer. A brutally fast departure. On February 1st she arrived at the hospital with what she thought was the flu and today, seventy-eight days later, cancer has taken her life. She was a middle-aged woman with all the familiar details, a daughter, a wife, a mother, and as we all do, as we all will, she left life’s details behind.

It is compassion that reminds us of who we are, even if we can not quite grasp it. When compassion rests with me I am that woman. I am her husband, her son, her mother and all of her loved ones. I am all that ever has been and ever will be. Every damnable act, no matter how heinous, I did that. Every act of kindness, all goodness, the miracles of lore, I did that. It is who I am. Who then are you? You are me, we are the same and there is no mystery.

We are not charged to love life’s pain.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013



The Salvation of Jesus

Writing as the Mystic Tourist I have altered my presence in the collective mind. Of the people who have known me and been my community, none knew the Mystic Tourist, until I created him and gave him a blog. Of course I am the Tourist and I am as I was before. The difference is that I have let anyone who can find my work, know. Additionally I have done what I can to make myself available so any who know me personally might also know, The Mystic Tourist. It creates a different consideration of my self.

My concerns are spiritual. I know of no other way to consider anything, even as I am distracted. I am happy to share my view of current social-political concerns. The way I think we ought to behave as a society. I enjoy letting people know where I think we have fallen down and how I think we might best stand ourselves up. These are distractions. It is what I do as filler. Something, anything to do with my mind and the small measure of time apportioned to it for it to spend. There is always something that I might otherwise do. A different way to spend myself. I think we can do a lot to improve the condition of life here on earth and to create a future more to our liking. I also think that we do all of that as spiritual persons. That it is the spiritual part of our being that is power and authority. The bridge that is creation.

My concerns are spiritual and I while my time to bring spiritual living into animal form. I did this first by creating a spiritual place for myself. A place to discover something true about my experience as a spiritual person. That was very powerful. Step two has been to shine a light on that, to let people know of the rich spiritual experience I have known. Step three is a shared experience. To end the mystery of spiritual life by living it in the open, not as an act of  ‘faith’ but as a fact of life. To demonstrate our spiritual form, not as a philosophy, not as an interpretation of theology or scripture, but as my life. The purpose of my life can not be to die and go to heaven. To imagine that as the answer to life, as its purpose, is to be dishonest. If I can only know after I am dead and gone, why I am here, I have told myself a lie. This is the place, this is the form, this is the person to know the answer and now is the time or I am lying to myself.

In the Christian tradition we are all waiting for Jesus to return and when he does he will bring a harsh judgement, except of course, for the few. The chosen few. Mind you this is the Jesus who reportedly, in his last agonizing moment, sought the forgiveness of those who humiliated him, tortured him and brutally murdered him. Such a man could have no part of a judgement so harsh that it landed almost all of us in hell. Not just any hell mind you, but a hell so unbearable that it never ends.

The story of  Jesus is meaningless if Jesus is God. Its only possible value is if it is our story. The story of our human nature and of how and who we are. That is the message and it is not a message of how to be after we are dead. It is how we must be now. If you would know Jesus then know yourself. He is the same as you are. The story of his return is your story, it is my story. If Jesus or anyone else could live the life that he did, then surely, someone else will do it as well.

There is no reason to believe that Jesus founded a church. Others did that in his name. They assembled a book and then claimed that the words therein were God’s words. It is not true. You must have faith to believe that. I have no faith, but I do have confidence, all of it rests with God. Fear of God? I have no fear, certainly not of God. I fear those who claim to speak for God, who claim they own God by some book, written words. I fear those who claim to speak for God and threaten me with hell. Forgiveness, that is what it is about. It is the narrow gate. To deal with those who make false claims of God, for and about God, forgive them, by acting out the truth concerning God. Let God be God and make no claim on Gods behalf.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

The Matrix of The Possible

I believe that we are spiritual beings snared in a web of ignorance. As spiritual beings I believe we have the authority of creation and the web that is our ignorance is our creation. I believe it is possible, and that occasionally, a person discovers the trick to walking in the realm of ignorance while being immune to it. Free of the normal constraint that is our agreed condition and creation, ignorance. This can only be done by using the magic that is ignorance, our communal agreement of constraint, to prove the truth. Everything is magic, nothing exists outside of its boundless influence. We are the masters, the authority, the creators of the reality we share. By the authority that is God, we create. We are imbued with creative authority by God but we do not name God. We are the creation that creates. We name and the name defines what is, we do not name God. It is God who names us and we in turn name and create. None can name God. God is self evident, even if God is naught.

The past and the future, I do not believe in them. I believe in creation. That the past and the future are constantly being created in the only known time, now. Nothing has ever happened at any other time. So what shall we create? This is something we do together, none do it alone.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013


The Psychology of Spirit

None of us would face difficulty if we did not need the lesson it brings. In considering what people do with their lives it is clear that we each take from our life what we choose. The lesson I learn is determined by what I choose to do with my life. It is the same for each of us. We are each driven by our individual sensibilities, priorities we think we must meet. I do not know that what we choose to do matters so much as how we choose to do it. The way we choose to be determines our sense of satisfaction. People in all walks of life, service, profession, whatever, find that respect and admiration is the prize bestowed more on some than on others. This is due to how they are perceived by their peers but if they carry this sense of worth within themselves it is due to how they see who and how they themselves are. I think most of us want to feel good about our self within our self.

My sensibilities, priorities, are spiritual. I believe that if I succeed spiritually all other concerns are met. That it is the only thing I have to do. Friends, family, prosperity are all satisfied by taking a spiritual path. My path is secular and I have no faith. Religion is of no value to me. I do not believe. I am certain that things are as they are, that I do exist, I am aware and this condition exists independent of me except for the simple fact that I am, I exist. I have no reason to believe in a beginning or an end as it is clear that nothing happens in the past or the future. The only time anything is known to happen is now. There is an absolute quality that allows for everything and I consider whatever that is to be God. My devotion is to God. God being absolute my devotion reaches everything and everyone. Everything I am given to do, every relationship appointed to me is satisfied by devotion to God. To the absolute. Absolutes are also easily identifiable. Anything of a singular nature that can not be exhausted is absolute. Truth, understanding, compassion these only know a single measure and can not be exhausted.

On the narrow path there is a narrow gate. There is but one key, it may have different names but I know it as forgiveness. With forgiveness we discover compassion, understanding and truth.

As I have considered my spiritual psychology, how it is my spiritual life is healthy, or not, I have learned what you are reading here, my blog. My last lesson was a tough one and it took many years to learn. Thirteen, oddly, the number of completion. It was proceeded by four or five years of great difficulty that then became my life. Of course this sense of difficulty was as much to do with perception as it was the challenging circumstance I faced. I had unwittingly made myself a victim. Deciding that the actions of another were harmful to my character. This was an indirect choice, accumulative in nature, subconscious.  It seeded my life, my past, with all sorts of nasty stuff to support it. That in turn became my spiritual path. To return to the past and fix it. This was stuff I had already spent years of my life ridding myself of, and here it was, restored. It was interesting to see that the same weeds grow back. Not necessarily in the same place but every bit as prolific.

I am not sure why I treated myself to this experience. I will guess it was necessary, providence. I have learned things that perhaps I might have learned some other way. This is the way I did learn my lesson and it may well be that there is some value that could not be had any other way. If I have learned anything I hope it is how to avoid doing something like this to myself again.

My spiritual health is returning.  One thing I have known for a lifetime that I must do has come to pass. I have made public my spiritual aspirations.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

The Complexity of Now

Now is not complex, it is everything we engage in, instead of now, that is complex. Now is the simple magic of existence. The only time anything can or will happen. All that can be, all that ever will be, all that has been, is contained in its entirety, now. It is magic. It is creation. It is now. Without it there is nothing. It lasts only for a moment and yet without that moment nothing exists.

Of late affirmations have taken center stage in my life. Truth is, I am very good with affirmations. They are as powerful a tool for change and personal growth as I have ever known. There are rules for the effective use of affirmations, at least for me and I have a great deal of experience using them to successfully become the person I prefer to be. The primary rule of affirmation is present tense. An affirmation, by definition, must reflect a condition that is in the present, not the future or the past but now. If it is something that you can, might or would do, it is not an affirmation. It is best to be concise. I have found that when I create an affirmation it often needs work. I usually work with an affirmation for several days and as the time passes I prune and tune it until its nuance is entirely now and as brief as possible. It is surprising how very small adjustment to nuance makes the difference between success and a waste of time.

In my last post, Divine Affirmation, I wrote of frustration. I felt that I had experienced a period of incompetence with my use of affirmations. Jumped the gun there. I might have found a more direct path to success but none the less the work I did, including my use of affirmation, produced success. I have seen as much personal growth and achievement since I started this blog as I have at any other time in my life. Much of that has been recent, my assessment of my life and what shaped it is different today than it was even a few days ago.  The recent pace of change is extreme. My life has changed and I can no longer consider it the way I always have. I am not the way I thought I was. I traveled to my past and shone a light in the darkest places. I found the person I might have been, I made the better choice I did not make then. I have a brand new past. One I like much better. I did not set out to do this. I only found it along my way.

I concern myself with my spiritual health and pretty much nothing else. Sure I have distractions, I like politics and social issues but the driving force to everything in my life is spirituality. I have no other concern. I believe in God but not perhaps as you might think. God, or the absolute, the way things actually are, truth, is inseparable from any spiritual quest and I can think of nothing else worth doing. Because my spiritual template is based on the absolute everything I am given to do is fulfilled by my spiritual success. The surest proof of this is compassion. I am devoted to what is absolute and compassion is absolute. How do I make this observation? It knows only a single measure, enough. Another of my rules is confidence. I have no faith. I believe instead in providence and I expect that my life content is produced by it. I am as devoted to the people I find in my life as I am to anything. I have loved ones and their importance is made clear by providence. Of course my devotion extends to them.

I do expect a lot from my spiritual path. Success in every aspect of life. It is an all in approach and the proof is in the end result. Along the way the successes are obvious, one after another. That is a powerful incentive giving hope that in the long haul the effort proves its worth. All this intellect poured into spirituality, is it a waste of time? Personally, it is gratifying. I learn so much but why not a more traditional path? Maybe read a book or otherwise take counsel in what has worked for others. I do expect to answer that with a success that can be realized by no other means. To realize the magic that is the simplicity of now. To have success in all that I do by simple acceptance of it, by allowance. Set aside all that is in conflict with success, success in its full measure, by accepting it as present now. I am sure that this is how things work and I am much less angry about presenting an example, of now, than ever I have been.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Faith No More

My process of enlightenment involves a purity of experience presumed to be possible by reliance only on providence. I expect experience to be guided by providence and to be my teacher. I expect that anything that has been written, concerning matters of enlightenment, can be understood by providence, by experience. To expect that some great truth is scribbled in a book seems a stretch to me. If it is not available to each and every one of us, simply because we are curious, it does not exist and so book-reading has never been very high on my list of priorities. A curious mind is all that is needed and I am curious. Faith, I believe, is harmful to curiosity and so I abandoned it long ago. Religion, I have found it to be useless in my pursuit of enlightenment. I long for community and a sense of belonging but for me religion is an empty bag. My search is for a broader community than it seems religion could hope to provide. I have no faith. To me, faith is an impostor, it pretends to be confidence but confidence has no use for faith. I have confidence. I believe that things are as they are and that can not be disputed. I believe that knowledge of that is the fact of existence. This is not a knowledge of intellect, of sophistication,  it is the simple knowledge that is acquaintance. Providence. Providence, I think, is the inexhaustible reservoir that assures that whatever we pursue, consequence is certain.

All of this I have observed in my life and as I live it proves its validity errorlessly. This is because I believe in providence, I expect a great deal from it and live my life by it.

I do concern myself with enlightenment and expect that providence assembles what does prod me along a true path. Whatever path I choose, providence assures that consequence is immediate. Should I choose a career, education, whatever, providence works the same way. When we are not right, not at ease or comfortable with our self, that is providence. It knows what we are in need of and tirelessly works to bring that to our attention. Distraction from what we are given, by providence to do, is perhaps more obvious than providence. There are many good and worthy pursuits and when we choose one we walk with providence and it calms us with contentment. For my pursuit of enlightenment I have learned to use divination as my primary tool. Others might use a book or find a wise teacher but I have found the divining rod is well suited to my person.

Trial and error. This is an excellent way to determine the way things actually are. I have found it helpful to assume no knowledge, other than the knowledge that is acquaintance. Knowledge, in matters of enlightenment, is acquaintance. There is no sophistication of intellect that can purchase enlightenment. The moment a person thinks they have earned enlightenment, by any kind of merit, intelligence, God’s favor, whatever, it is lost.

In my experience providence never fails. Whatever our true pursuit is providence assures success. For some of us providence makes certain that we can not avoid a very narrow path. Any error is met with low tolerance. I have reduced my life to that state a number of times but sometimes people arrive here in such a condition or conditions evolve that are very tough. When I consider the reality that we share and the extraordinary hardships that abound I am driven to enlightenment. Enlightenment is a realization, I am confident is just lying around waiting for discovery. It is not to be accomplished and some people have discovered it.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

The Confidence of Now


Begin with the admission; All people expect my person will be a success. Success is expected of each of us. Identify the success already known and choose to continue or end it. When all behavior is seen as success, I choose the success I want, the behavior I want.

Traditionally success is considered to represent how well a person makes educational and occupational choices, that certainly does represent success. This is but one metric and success is a more complicated equation. Achievement in business, in a career that brings prosperity, a comfortable home and retirement, good health, can all be achieved and yet we ache for something else. Our mind, when it is not busy juggling the demands of our daily needs, busies itself in some other way. Much of what occupies our mind is repetitive thought. Like a mantra the same thoughts spiral round and round. We can avoid these thoughts by creating distractions, read a book, listen to music, play a game, watch T.V., involve our self with a hobby, socialize, it is a never-ending list. At some point, when we are not distracted, we are left with our habit of thought. That habit, for some, may well be distraction itself or perhaps it is all distraction.

We can build success beginning with our habit of thought and our thought filled habit can easily undermine success. Then that is success although we tend to consider it as a failure. Poor habit or good habit produce results, that is their respective success. Reducing the clamor of negative thought undresses opportunity. Without the noise a certain calm is present and we are able to own the condition of our life. This calm is satisfaction and from it springs true success. A calm mind, clear of burdensome thought, is peace and peace, I think, is the success we all want. All that distracts us from this calm, from peace of mind, has purpose. To teach us how it is that we are not calm and at peace. It is easy to imagine that outside influence is responsible for disturbing our calm, it is a simple and effective trap, but never true. We can be calm and of a peaceful mind no matter the circumstance, this is the success I seek.

I think a peaceful mind and a calm demeanor make all success possible, that it is the place to start a successful life. I think when we imagine success as being the job we have and measure its value by our buying power we spend our time expecting outside trappings to bring us a sense of fulfillment, of happiness and success. I think the way it works is from the inside out.  Certainly a person can pursue this calm, can find peace of mind through the traditional pursuit of success; education and career.  Prosperity through hard and good work. That is as likely to work as establishing the peace at the outset but for me I am driven to establish the peaceful calm as a center to build from. There is something about this approach that seems more durable. More direct. To me it seems the only success worthy of pursuit and that the process addresses all other concerns.

Now. Now is always the concern. Only when we consider our condition as being manifest now can anything be realized. Whatever we are doing now is in fact our reality and the only thing that prevents any person from realizing the condition or circumstance they want is what they entertain instead of that now. Now is the magic and when it is different from what we want it is because we have occupied now with that. Now, magic or whatever, does need existence and existence is born of providence. The aspect of now that is our prize is calm and peace of mind. These are the true value as they reveal the worth of any circumstance even if it is just that simple peace and calm. They are free. They are gifts. They can not be accomplished but rather are received by letting all else go.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Chalkboards and Other Dark Places

Well that took a while, since my last post seventeen days have passed. I have been busy, sifting through my life and writing my way out of it. Nothing fit for blog posting. I have been having an issue with self-hate. That has been going on for some time and it finally came to a climax. I have been working to sort it out for a few years and the more work I did the louder this idea of self-hate became. Did not make sense to me but it kept coming up until it was all that was up. That is not what I expected, I expected it to diminish as I worked and yet it became the constant noise in my head.

Having been through difficulty I have a good idea what triggered the hate, but what I could not see, was where it lived in my life. You see the trigger is one thing but that can not give rise to what is not there. Once triggered, hate, will fester, grow and pollute. While there are many ways to repair something like this we are each given the way best suited to serve who we are. What we have to do. For me I had to return to the events in my life where I did hate myself, what had happened to me, and find the choices that were this hate. I had no idea where to look for it or that this was what I had to do. As time passed, naturally, it became clear. This stuff lived in my past and did not come from what triggered it. Once triggered it was able to grow and become established.

Most of this nastiness was from my early childhood, first, second, third and fourth grade. It was a tough time in my life. I even considered and made a feeble attempt at suicide, in second grade. I was Catholic, I did not figure I would die, I figured I would go to heaven and from there look down and see if my loved ones had any care for me. It did not seem to me that they did and I wanted some answers. Going back in time, to events that shaped my life, due to their unpleasantness, was pretty darn unpleasant. Up close and personal with the worst moments my life has to offer, wallowing around in the muck to find some choice I never knew I made. If it is not something you have to do, I would not recommend it, but if it is what must be done, by all means get it over with. That is what I did over the holidays, admittedly I had been working on the project for some time but this is when the heavy lifting came up. I thought I had already gotten most of it done and I guess I had. Perhaps now I have completed that project but I have been fooled before.

I do feel that I have a clean slate. As if all the scribbles and notes on life’s chalkboard have riddled an answer and now the board is wiped clean again. That was a big piece of work. I wonder if finally I have found all the pieces and fit them back together the way they were meant to be.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Happy New Year!