Spirit Walk

It is easy to enjoy a rich and rewarding spiritual experience, privately. Angels and Ascendant Beings are comforting by nature and quite capable of making themselves known. At least that has been my experience and the reason I am at ease stating that these beings do exist. That they are sentient, much like you or I, except, they have no temporal form. They do have temporal acquaintances and they have taken the initiative to introduce themselves to me. That is something that will make a person take notice. I did inquire as to the existence of these and the result was they made themselves known. What am I to do with such an experience? What would you do?

I came to accept it. I developed relationships. Today I work to restore those relationships. In keeping with that effort I find that the work involves a more inclusive spiritual domain. The world of temporal spirits. Spirits that depend on human beings to exist. By invitation, I introduce myself to the shadowy world that is the realm of temporal spirits. It has been my custom to banish most of this sort and that was easy work. They do not like the light or the beings that populate it. An easy way to help a person is to take a spirit-walk with them. Those spirits, unsuitable for the walk, are that way due to the light and they fade away. A spirit-walk is not a physical action. It takes place in a spiritual realm where spirits mingle.

There can be no true corruption because corruption is not true. Corrupting spirits are this contradiction. They are not true and it would seem that they know no permanence. Dependent entirely on temporal reality. You can see that the company of spiritual beings, unbound by temporal reality, is very comforting and the company of temporal spirits, not so much. Well we do walk in the company of these temporal spirits and while some of them are harmless, and even helpful, others are evil. All of these for the most part go ignored except that they wield influence and we are in turn influenced. We each, by our thoughts and behaviors, determine the nature of the influence that guides us.

I am beginning to learn that being open about my spiritual life agitates the temporal spirits. That is something I do not like and I have reacted negatively. Any negative reaction is like taking a firm grip when letting go is best. The influence chosen is negative. That is a good lesson and I hope I have learned it. It is good to walk in this shadowy valley and I will not be abandoned by the untethered spirits who are bound only to what is absolute. To God. Let’s not consider God so much as a deity. God, to me, is not so much what is absolute as much as what is absolute is of God. To know God, know what is absolute and let God express God’s self.

I do think that my aversion to such a high exposure of temporal spirits is the source of the repetitive sense of difficulty I wrote of in my last post. I actually wrote that post a couple of weeks ago. I was unable to give it a final edit until this morning. Instead I was swamped by providence. Having to sort myself out using imagery. Considering the word, successful, I imagined success. I began with the areas where failure seemed to be my consideration. I then met that, which seemed to be failure, with the notion of success and imagined success. What a refreshing change.

I do expect to bridge the spiritual world, that is untethered to temporal form, to the shadowy realm of temporal spirits, rendering that realm true. I have done it before but only privately. Recognizing a point of resistance, as I have, I think I am closer to getting it done.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Temporal Spirits

Considering that we are spiritual, as I do, it is wise to accept that some spirits are temporal. Just as are we. We do exist. We are aware. I think existence and awareness are independent of my temporal expression. That there is an eternal or everlasting quality that is independent of my biologically based expression, except that, I exist, I am aware. We are animated, or another way to say that is that we have spirit. It is spirit that animates us. Much of our spiritual experience, as temporal beings, is also temporary. It is this temporal spiritual interaction that we are most accustomed to as spiritual beings. We interact with each other spiritually. It is not something we pay a lot of attention to but we are constantly interacting in a spiritual realm. We can see this represented in our daily lives. The example that always comes first to my mind is this; I think we all turn to see the person we are sure is looking at us and see them doing just that. What communication is at play?

I see these spiritual expressions, or at least I believe I do. Perhaps I have simply structured a framework to explain the experience that I am familiar with but at any rate I have experience that supports my explanation. I am also familiar with spiritual beings that present themselves as being independent of biologic form. I know them as Angels and Ascendant Beings. I am also familiar with Demons, Devils and Satans and have come to believe that these only exist in temporal spiritual realms. We make agreements in our temporary spiritual world with all of these influences. Most of these agreements are accumulative. We do not sit around and fashion the choices we make that form our spirit presence, we just find our self the product of the accumulative subconscious habit of thought. By and large we ignore the spiritual conversation we are always engaged in. It is difficult to have a habit of ignorance without giving way to full-blown denial. There you have it. Nothing could be more obvious than our spiritual experience. Why are we so determined to corrupt our rich and powerful spiritual experience with denial and ignorance? It amazes me. I of course am just writing about the experience that I have and my interpretation of it.

Much of what we experience spiritually is generated by us and expressed into the shared realm of temporal spiritual experience. We each then cope with that. Some of us are better at it than others. Some people are hypersensitive to spiritual expression, auditory, visual, whatever and often this can cause emotional or psychological dysfunction. Most people seem to completely ignore their spiritual experience because they have other more pressing concerns. I sometimes wish I was that person but I am not.

Some days ago I wrote The Psychology of Spirit. I only posted it this morning but I wrote it several days ago. Since then I have been sorting out a spiritual landscape that has a lot of useless temporary spiritual expression. My quest is divine life and that means creating a spiritual place free of useless spiritual expression. That is what lifts the temporal spiritual presence to experience a spiritual realm that is more durable. That is true.

This is not new territory for me but it is different. For years people would approach me, in spirit form, and ask for my help. At the time I was very familiar with Angels, Ascendant Beings and the like because they also made a habit of approaching me. I would do what I could to help. It was really a fun time. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. This work was done privately, discreetly. It is a luxury I am no longer allowed. Those were powerful times and they continue to give me strength as I work to restore my spiritual integrity. If I am to restore my casual acquaintance with Angels and such I have to make my spiritual life public. At least that is the path I am being offered. I have never done that before and it brings stuff into our shared spiritual room that I am not familiar with. I have to puzzle it as I go. It is a lot of work. Who knows if I can do it or if it is worth it? This stuff does not pay the bills, at least not in the short-term and all of my eggs are in this basket. Wish me luck.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Kundalini The Pillar Of Appointment

Truth And Justice

Located at the top of the sternum is the fifth chakra. It is powerful. I know it as The Sea of Justice and The Seat of Truth. One of its attributes is its connection to the third chakra, Ego. Ego, or the third chakra, resides at the solar plexus. Ego is the crown, the achievement of the lower chakras. It must give permission if we are to grow into the higher chakras. The water for this growth is justice, we must accept things as they are. Acceptance is an attribute of the fourth chakra, Compassion. Compassion resides in its chakra at the center of the sternum. It is intended as a germ to infiltrate and bind the seven chakras as one. Ego, Justice, Truth and Acceptance are the key to this growth.

The fifth chakra, due to justice, (things being as they are and no other way), is connected to our ability to hear. Its attribute, truth, is connected to speech. These are spiritual qualities and both are silent. They are power. When ego accepts compassion it calms the Sea of Justice, the sky’s clear and light begins to infiltrate reality.

My recent post, Truth and Justice, is reposted above as a reference for Light Gate – Acquaintance/Family and Place/Flesh – Spirit Gate. They belong together. 

Light Gate – Acquaintance/Family

After turning the key of acceptance truth and justice comfort the ego. The voice of truth reassures, the sound of justice quiets and the restlessness of the ego dissipates. Calm begins to rule. With calm comes light. On the brow, between the eyes, is a chakra. I know it as Light Gate, some call it The Third Eye. The calm realized by ego after crossing the bridge that restores Justice and Truth, allows the gate that is the sixth chakra to clear. When this gate, Light Gate, is open, light begins to permeate Justice and Truth. Ego, by the liquid nature of Justice, becomes saturated. Light Gate is considered a High Chakra its nature is spiritual. Its corresponding Lower Chakra is the second chakra, located at the sacroiliac crest. I know the second chakra as Acquaintance. This chakra and its quality of acquaintance is developed early in life beginning, of course, with family and prior to the development of Ego, the third chakra. It is fundamental. When the gate that is the sixth chakra is clear light reaches the second chakra, the appointment that is acquaintance becomes clear and the spiritual aspects of justice and truth permeate our person. It is important to note that the bridge between the higher and lower chakras is the fourth chakra, Compassion. Any attribute of Compassion received by Ego turns the key and unlocks the bridge between the higher and lower chakras. Compassion is a bridge because it is absolute. It only exists in an absolute measure. Always enough. Naturally once this bridge is crossed its attributes permeate our person along with Truth, Justice and Light.

Place/Flesh – Spirit Gate

I did not think I would include the first and seventh chakras in this post, but here I am. At one time I considered the seventh chakra as Heavenly Acquaintance but was never comfortable with that. After all ‘Heaven’ what is that?  Since then I have learned quite a bit about spirit and now see that the seventh chakra is a gate. Spirit Gate. It corresponds to the first chakra which is Place, Flesh itself. Obviously we begin to develop this in the womb. It exists before our person arrives. It is spirit that animates flesh and so you see the corresponding link between Place/Flesh and Spirit Gate. Those spirits that are of a good nature are acquainted with us through this gate, Spirit Gate. Should we allow the absolute qualities of Compassion to permeate our person binding the seven chakras, as one, we connect Heaven and Earth. We create the pillar that can be our appointed person, free of distraction. It is a realization, not an accomplishment. I see this realization as the Kundalini completed.

The first chakra is located at the pelvic floor and the seventh chakra is found just above your head, as a crown. It is directly above the pillar that is the spine.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Walking With Christ

Years ago, somewhere in the area of 1982 or 83 I met Christ. It was the most frightening experience of my life. I was in the midst of rehabilitating my life. Unable to work I was teaching myself to stand up. I was bent. I took up bartering with a man who was working on his PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. He used Acupressure in his work and I performed Acupressure and acted as his counselor in exchange for the same. We did this for at least three years, maybe more. Intense psychotherapy. I had made the commitment to change my life and this was the path I found. My life had been filled with rage. I realized I am a mystic in 1969 and I did not like that. I got very angry and stayed that way until 1981, realizing then that the anger had made me what I was what I was angry about. I decided that I would embrace mysticism and if it had legs it would become my walk and if it did not I could finally be done with it and get on with my life.

I woke up one night, terrified, I was lying on my stomach pillow over my head, arms on top of that and desperately working to forget something. There was an enormous racket in my room above my bed. The noise kept up until I was fully awake and then a little longer. Long enough to assure that I was fully awake and asking myself, what the hell is going on? I realized I was terrified and in a full sweat, but not because of this racket, the sound, apparently, of large wings beating. Oddly, that did not bother me at all. I sat up and began to piece things together.

I had traveled, in a dream, for the deliberate purpose to meet someone. This person was made, as near as I could tell, of light. So bright that in order for me to approach a garment of some sort covered all but the head, hands and feet. I asked this one if he was who I thought he was, Christ, and the response was yes. I had traveled to meet this person and ask this question and yet was terrified. I immediately returned to my sleep place and furiously worked to forget it. I already told you how well that plan worked.

During that time of my life I did a lot walking, part of my bid to rehabilitate myself. Get rid of my constant pain, stand up straight and get back to work. It took two years to finish that work and be strong enough to even consider work again. One of my favorite walks was on the saltwater marshes of the San Francisco Bay. It was on one of these hikes that I realized, this was the place I had come to and walked with Christ. The whole business has such a profound and deep meaning for me personally there are no words to convey it.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Angels In My Attic

Request, using known expectations, help from Angels. Known Expectations? What is known and expected of Angels? Much has been written about Angels and some of it I have found to be true. I have read very little, just enough to learn some names. It was interesting. I started with a biblical text and determined that the lesson to be learned from that story, was that it was a book of lies. I then discovered the book of Enoch. If you would like to learn Angelic names you would be well advised to consider this book. I read a few pages and while I did, I had the experience of reading between the lines. It was very exciting. I believe much of that text is also lies and the value is in making that determination. To read what was not written on the page was… wow.

In my experience of Angels I have found that asking for their help is very powerful. There is much that they can do that is of great help. They are busy doing it anyway but in asking them, there is a shift of dynamics. Doing this increases the likelihood that they will make themselves known. Their world is spiritual and when we behave in a spiritual manner, spiritual landscapes begin to take shape. We begin to see the world, the spiritual world, of which we are a part. Being incarnate is quite distracting and it is tempting to ignore all matters spiritual. It is possible to see the spiritual world while being incarnate and in doing this see the spiritual beings that populate it.

So what can we expect of Angels? We can expect that, for the most part, they go unnoticed. Spirit is their form. Light passes through them. They are not bound by the natural laws, of our temporal reality, in a way that is recognizable to me. Zateel introduced itself to me many years ago. I noticed an image, beyond the wall of the room in which I sat, It was off the ground by four or five feet on the same plane as the floor of the room I was in. In noticing Zateel I invited the angel to be my companion, or more accurately, accepted the invitation being extended to me. Zateel hung out with me for three days and was always accompanied by three cherub. It was very cool. I would be minding the business of my day and suddenly, notice their presence. This experience also made clear that they choose whether or not to present themselves. It would seem that a requirement, or commitment must be met, in order to notice them. A state of being that is a shared place. A certain disposition needs to be achieved and maintained over time. If we allow this disposition to become corrupted we lose sight of them.

When I write of ‘known expectations’ I refer to these experiences. I first noticed and maintained active relations with angels when I was doing work that had me asking assistance of them. In making such a request, over time, I migrate to a disposition that is a shared place. Recognition eventually matures and inevitably we see each other.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Angelic Acquaintance

Angels it seems, in their role as guardians, rid our lives of demons. As recently as my post, Sarakiel The Demon Slayer, I wrote of foundation. There are three intersecting lines, Fate, Providence and Abundance. These three lines intersect at one point forming twelve right angles. Our imagination allows us to be at this point, or anywhere else. It is our choice. It is not necessary to see or to define this to be there. A person can be at or know this place, without any of the effort I put into it. This axis is essential to existence, our person belongs to it. We are free to wander wherever we like and neglect is often the state of foundation. Our relationship with foundation is determined entirely by choice. The texture of our thought. As we think; we are.

Angels rid providence, fate and abundance of demons and it is most helpful to ask them.  The demons distract us and we give them chase away from our foundation, even as we pretend we do not see them. In my experience, demons prefer to be unseen. Ignorance of them is fundamental to their influence. The lines of influence that are Fate, Abundance and Providence are miraculous. Not so much in a profound way but just matter of fact. It is here where creation and our person are bound as one. Miracle is the fact of our divine nature, it is ordinary, everyday and mundane. It is unusual for a person to truly appreciate their divine nature and the miraculous authority of foundation. It can not be done without the help of Angels. Only with their help can we clear perception, of distraction, and the lines of foundation restore our divine state.

Our shared sense of reality has no true foundation and it is tempting to ignore the divine and be a part of what seems the larger group. I am happier when I pursue my mystic sensibilities and what I can see for myself. I had forgotten the richness and reward of reliance on Angels, of asking them to help. It is this simple act of surrender that has been absent from my life.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Sarakiel the Demon Slayer

I have a page on my blog I call ‘Workshop’. It is private and only I see it. I futz around there forging affirmations or piercing together the condition I am in. Basic metaphysics. While working to see what I would do this morning I pieced together this sentence. Word by word, using a divining rod:

Present the alternative I avoided, by taking up with Indifference, as how I am now. Find the alternative using my Angelic acquaintance Sarakiel. Let Sarakiel slay the Demon, Indifference.

Apparently the way I do this is by making public my acquaintance with Sarakiel. When an Angel decides to introduce itself, you notice, and I have known Sarakiel for some time. There is a foundation that is created by three intersecting lines, Providence, Fate and Abundance. It creates a point and twelve right angles. Angle, Angel, it is all very confusing. Associated with these lines of influence there are Angels. Sarakiel is the guardian of my fate. Phanuel is the guardian of my providence and Uriel is the guardian of my abundance. I am sure the Angels go unnoticed by most of us but I see the spiritual world and when I allow myself to be at my center the Angels make themselves known. It takes only a slight pollution of thought to create a veil and ignorance rules the way. Just know I am working to rid myself again of this ignorance, my life is better that way.

I have a long-standing attitude of doing everything myself. My children, or anyone for that matter, will ask me, “Can I give you a hand with that?” Invariably the response is, “No I got it.” I am beginning to see it has to do with this Demon, Indifference. I wrote about Indifference in the post My Forth Grade Demon.

Let us see what Srakiel can do.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012