Shifting Gears

I support myself as a self-employed window cleaner. I began this occupation as a temporary solution to my employment needs in 1983 and now it seems there is something about it, in my future, that I need to modify. I wrote about future concerns in my last post “A Chip on My Shoulder”, the idea that as we create our past it creates our future, much like plotting and planning a trip. Futures then become fates that draw us toward them by their gravity. Much of what is fate is subject to change, we control it. It seems that there is a gravity concerning my window cleaning that would be better if I changed it. I will be better served by a future independent of window cleaning.

I have long wanted to remove window cleaning from my future but as yet, I have no replacement.

Here is the idea; I will see if there is a market for merchandise related to my blog. Tee shirts, mugs, that sort of thing.  It is not a new idea. I had imagined that I might develop such a market when I started my blog. What is new is the sensibility that the time to explore such a market has arrived. The tension and irritability, I have recently been writing about, spirals around this shift in economic strategy. How to go about it, and of course, a good helping of self-doubt as to whether I should bother or not. The self-doubt is a moot point, the fate that is this change has already created gravity and motion.

I still have a few things to do prior to marketing anything. I will file for trademark protection and I will need a fictitious business name to conduct business. I will need to set up a bank account and make website preparations. Those are incidentals, I have a good idea of what I want to do beyond that.

So why write about this? It is just what is going on with my life and my blog. I live my life as a mystic, finding my way in the dark. This is part of that as is everything I do and my blog is as a chronicle of my mystic experience. My life.

I do believe that my work as a mystic has created a shift, that I have riddled together a foundation of sorts and a new stage for my life is emerging. I expect to flesh that out, here on my blog, but as yet it remains a mystery to me.

Thanks for reading.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

The Last Satan

Well I have reached the end of my outing of the Satans and it feels good. There was a time that they made me nervous, uneasy, and maybe they still should. I see them as the great usurpers. They have no power except what we give them. No matter, whatever they are, even if they are just a psychological tool I fashioned for my personal growth; they are. Whatever capabilities they have remain as they were regardless of my activity. I see them, and when I do, I work to dismiss them and there is real power in that. It works. It changes my life.

As a mystic I believe that spiritual realities can be understood and that is as an all-encompassing, singular motivation, in my life. I believe I see the spiritual world and that there is a personal value in sharing my experience. So I do.

There is but one type of Satan that remains for me to flesh out, for my benefit, as well as the curiosity of those of you who are interested. It has no name that I know of and that is a curiosity I will not pursue here. This one, disguises itself in two ways. You could call it a Trojan Horse. You can not see it because it is thin, as a piece of paper. It is an envelope and contains a vast collection of satanic energy in the form of a variety of Satans and Demons. When we encounter this one we see it as an acquaintance, a person we know and the envelope is passed to us. There are tricks that enable this. Ignorance concerning our acquaintance is one way and another is false associations we make about the person. Both of these postures, of considering another person, create shadows and that darkness allows for the movement of Satans.

The alternative to this posture of shadows is to accept all persons as they are. To make an observation of who and how without projecting false judgements or turning a blind eye. If we manage a state of honest objectivity, deception fails. Our spiritual and psychological health thrives and things are seen as they are.

The shadows and darkness in our lives, we create, and they in turn are haunted by the creatures that live there. We can create a life, a place for our self, free of shadows and darkness, where things are seen as they are. When we do this providence is more pronounced and the understandings and activities that best serve us are more apparent.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Samyaza Master of Darkness

I have not gone away but there are times that I have nothing to write. Today, I will write of Samyaza. He is an unhappy sort and he will not let that go. He is miserable and misery loves company. It seems I have been keeping this miserable one company and that has been my plague. There is but one thing that rids him, forgiveness, but he does not want it. He will not have it. It is just as well, it is not for him, it is for me. When I have it he goes away because he does not want it and will not have it.

Samyaza is a Satan. I can see him now but they prefer to be unseen. They live in shadows and darkness, never in the light. Only when we realize they exist, and let them go, do we glimpse them as we pass into light. Samyaza is a Satan, who, will not let go. He is all hands. He has the appearance of a star but instead of tongues of fire and light, he emanates darkness. It is hands everywhere, holding tight and never letting go.

Are Satans imaginary? They are in this respect; we imagine we do not see them and that is the darkness that we share with them.

I have three guardians that watch over me, Uriel, the guardian of abundance, Phanuel, the guardian of providence and Sarakiel, the guardian of fate. I have been asking them to guide me and help me. I have known these three for some time but my sight of them is as a memory. Since I accidentally rekindled my acquaintance with Samyaza, my visual recognition of Angles has been compromised. Thankfully I did have a sustained and gratifying association with Angles prior to my fall from grace. That experience has been an oasis of confidence, like a mirage in a difficult landscape.

Falling in with Satans is as an envelope of darkness and Angels do not walk there. You can not see them in darkness. The way Samyaza binds us to darkness is easy to understand. For me, I fell into what I considered to be a great difficulty. It overwhelmed me and ruined my life. Had I considered this differently, Samyaza would not have found me and made me his companion. I was unable to avoid old habits of thought and darkness seeped back into my life. You see, I did not always walk with Angels.

None of this is bad or good as much as it just is. For me, I don’t know that I would have started this blog, if not for Samyaza. The blog is my method of working my way back into the light. To walk again with my Angelic friends. I miss them so and I have long-expected that my destiny is to share my walk with humanity. To bring the spiritual world and the temporal world to the same place. There is nothing in my world that does not revolve around that gravity. I can not escape it. All of my joy all of my rage, it comes from my sense of destiny and my struggle with it. This gravity, my sense of destiny, has brought me all of my rage and every success. All by the fickle nature of choice.

This is my life. My spiritual life, I write about it here. How about you, how is your spiritual life? Mine is good but only when my choices are good. It is just that simple.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

I Found Solomon’s Key

Compassion The Bridge

In considering divinity compassion is the bridge. It binds, as one, the person we are. This one person then forms the central pillar in a temple that presents divinity. It is a space that is created where previously it was naught, in an instant, it appears from naught and it is.

For me the Key of Solomon is the temple. The template for the key is David’s Star. The two triangles represent divinity. The points of the star are particular attributes but the star itself is actually the two bases of interlocking pyramids. The pyramid whose base forms the ceiling, of the temple, is inverted, aligned and fixed in place along the spine or central nervous system. Our soul stands on the ceiling as it is the floor known to our soul and our temporal self, or animal, stands on the floor as it appears in our animal reality. Theses inverted pyramids create something of a prism and we are allowed a singular focus and orientation.

Orientation. The forward most point of the star belongs to the pyramid that seems inverted as we stand in human form, its base is the ceiling of our temple. That forward most point is ascension. The other two points, of the triangular base that is our ceiling, moving clockwise, are presence and being. Directly opposite ascension and behind us in our human presence is humility. As our soul stands, on its floor, the ceiling of our temple, its orientation is such that humility is its forward most point. As we stand on the floor of our temple, as animal, humility is directly behind us. Moving clockwise, from humility, the other two points of the triangular floor of our temple are, intellect and emotion.

This understanding of David’s Star and Solomon’s Key is the product of what I call a mysticism. I did not read about it. It occurred to me that the star was the template for the key. I then considered it at length until I understood it as I do. It also involves the Kundalini. I came to understand the seven primary chakras, how they work and just what the Kundalini is, in the same way, I did a mysticism. In all of this compassion is the key, the singular ingredient that makes all of it work. It has a magical quality, it is an absolute. All absolutes are magical. Absolutes can not be possessed. Any person can find them but ownership is not possible. We have to let go and when we do the magic is released.

The space, created from naught, by the magical appearance of this temple, is an actual place. When I first discovered it I was trying to piece together what I was puzzling with about it, to see how it worked. I was futzing around with different alignments, the Kundalini, the points and structure of the star, rotations and movements, and it suddenly appeared creating a place. A temple. At the time it was a private thing to do. The experience was profound. Today I can no longer be content with privacy and I am having to learn a new lesson about compassion. The magic elixir that makes this work. I have to let compassion extend to the person I have found myself to be. The person I have never liked or wanted to be. The person standing in the open and telling this story. You see, it is easy for me to have this as a private experience, except that I am no longer allowed that pleasure. I have always thought it unreasonable, the notion that I have to be publicly spiritual and so I have a long history of beating myself up over it. It is that public person I am charged to have compassion for. In letting go, of my self-defeating inclinations, compassion creates a new me and a new magic.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Of Imagination and Spirit

Become known to all I meet, let each person consider me as they choose. I am not made more or less by false claims. Every claim about me is mine to validate. It is my handling of it that matters, not what is said about me but the way I actually am. Any claim that is false, be it flattering or demeaning, ends its distraction when I am confident in the person I know myself to be.

What is true? What claims that rattle around my head are true? How much of what I consider to be external, originating from others, actually is? The spiritual content of experience is its own matrix. Much of the content is imagined and images are real. We respond to our own imagination, obviously, and I think we respond to the imaginings of others as well. How do we differentiate between imagination and spirit? In my experience they are very similar. As recently as two years ago I had not considered the spiritual world we create and share as spiritual. I considered it as image. A place where image is real. Most people consider that reality to be spiritual and I have come to accept that. It makes for an easier use of language when writing about the realm of image I am familiar with. We are as we imagine ourselves to be and when we imagine others to be a particular way that consideration then becomes a structure that we share. Much of this realm of image is not true but it is real.

The part of our shared realm of image that is false is the product of our temporal nature, our animal self. It can be pretend, or make-believe, but nonetheless it has profound influence in our experience. In working to marry spirit with animal, as a shared interpersonal experience, I think it is necessary to distinguish between spirit and imagination. Imagination is as powerful a tool any human being will ever know. It is not to be considered lightly. We create, with our imagination, the world the way we want it to be. It is not done in isolation. We all have the power of imagination and we each craft agreement by which we exist in the shared environment of image. My observation tells me that most are not very concerned, or even interested, in this corner of experience. It plots along under the influence of ignorance. It is a realm that spirit understands. Spirit speaks the language that is image. To know of spirit personally, privately, is not comparable to a public or shared experience of our spiritual presence.

As I try to do this it is easy for the animal to be distracted by our shared realm of imagination and react to it. To meet my spirit in the human community, the animal world, and share that space as the same place, I’m sure is easier than it seems. I expect it is a matter of correcting imagination. Instead of reacting to all that is imagined, by the human community, I can imagine what is true and the passage is revealed. My spirit knows the true path. If my animal self imagines it, we are the same. See, it is very simple.

My animal self is so conditioned to pick up what we all have agreed, imagined, as acceptable and that is the challenge. Not picking all of that stuff up I feel naked but that is the secret. It is that nakedness that reveals the truth and all take notice of what is naked. It’s our nature.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Freedom From Faith

Inviting my divine existence to explain life is the reason I write. I imagine that by making my private space public I will have no place to hide and some underlying truth will be revealed. I look to understand the condition that is experience. In writing I share my interpretation and explanation of life. Instead of looking to others to explain my experience, to comfort me, I believe that my experience is intended to be that explanation. I look no other place and seek no other authority. I can not imagine that being aware that I exist does not also come with understanding that existence. I feel that is what I have to do, replace the question of existence with its understanding. I see no other activity worth my effort.

I believe exploring my experience publicly will bring that understanding forward. That eventually I will no longer be in a position to avoid the issue and the truth about my experience will be obvious. Inescapable. I think that my experience is the same as everyone else’s. We are all the same and that is the value in understanding our experience. Are we spiritual beings? Do we have a spirit that animates us, something independent of  animal life? More durable. If we do surely it is something that can be understood and experienced. It must be something that does not require faith. There is no faith needed to understand things as they are. Faith helps us find confidence when we are unwilling or unable to build it from our own experience. I decided to abandon faith long ago settling on the strength of confidence without faith.

I think it is possible that we have the freedom to choose our spirit. Obviously we are animated and spirited. Emotion is the spirit that moves us and it has many forms. Certainly we can control our emotions, the spirits that animate us. I think some spirits are so familiar that they have form and just like you or I, a person. It is a spiritual form and some people see these spirits. I do. The question then is what do I see and what causes it. Imagination? Perhaps. While I can not rule that out it seems unlikely. I see these kind of spirits as born of our own creativity. We created them some time ago or perhaps we continue to do so. That is my interpretation and I offer no proof. It is an empirical observation. I see other spirits as well and they seem to be of a different nature. I consider them to be Angels and Ascendant Beings.

Let’s consider ascendant beings. Some people, it seems to me, escape the cycle of incarnation and ascend while others repeat it. Generally these are people who have a spirit, in this life, that makes ascension seem reasonable. Although I have seen exception. It leaves me thinking we are a creation that can know our creator, if we choose. I refer to that creator as a soul. It is not ours and we are independent of it unless we surrender our identity to it. Surrender the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, ownership, and become who we are instead of the how we created. We can choose to be the creator instead of the creation. We just have to give up possession, the notion that we own anything. It is not necessarily a vow of poverty. It can be but abundance is the law and that is what gives a vow of poverty its value. There is no poverty. That is also what makes the pervasiveness of poverty such a crime. If my view of this is true then poverty is something we have created for our amusement.

I do believe that a person can live in both worlds at the same time. To invite the creator to be the creation. An immersion in both realities, divine living. Actually I think it is expected of us. It is easy to have such an experience privately, at least for me it is. Divine living is not a private thing and I have yet to see a way to do that. I remain convinced that it is something I can do, and therefore, what I am expected to do. I am uncomfortable in that role. I think the difficulty I have boils down to my spiritual state.  The emotion that is generated by my discomfort, my spirit-state, prevents success. Any measure of success requires an honest appraisal of  what is possible and acceptance that my consideration of all of this may well be in error is a must. This is not to be confused with doubt but rather it is the foundation for confidence.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Insanity, Imagination or Spirituality?

Imaginary worlds and spiritual worlds, is there a difference? Is the spiritual possibility merely overactive or unrestrained imagination? Wishful thinking? It is essential to ask this question if there is to be any hope of a meaningful spiritual experience. Faith is not enough, at least not for me. For many faith is enough. A belief in something beyond biology that gives meaning, hope and strength. For me faith is a limitation, a surrender to complacency. A lazy or cowardly avoidance of accountability. If there is a spiritual world and I have a spiritual nature then that is something that can be demonstrated, I ought to do it. If it can not be demonstrated, of what possible value could it be? There can be no harm in expecting what actually is to be observable as well. To have practical purpose and use in my day-to-day life. Without that it is pretty useless and borders on make-believe.

That is of course where faith is useful. If I lack confidence, but have faith, faith pretends to be confidence and that is powerful. Others may simply be confident of their spiritual existence. With confidence then faith allows for a sense of resolve and more pressing concerns are free to be considered. How then, if I expect empirical proof of spiritual life, to do both? To be both spiritual and animal. Equal parts. To live the divine life instead of expecting another to do it for me. It is not a saintly act, I am sure of that. At least not in the sense that one can merit or earn a divine state. It is more the opposite of that, just straight up grace. A simple matter of letting go so that our true nature is self-evident. Realized.

It has been my experience that profound spiritual experience, is comparatively easy, when it is mostly a private concern. To bring the experience into the shared community of humanity at large, for me at least, has been more of a challenge. Not very easy. Probably because I do not really know how to do it. I have to learn it and being my own teacher, it is a walk in the dark. I can not imagine that there is really any other way to do it. Not for me, that is not who I am. Another concern for those of us who choose my path is fraud. There is no more obvious example of fraud than when it presents itself under the guise of spirituality. People are easily fooled, we often fool ourselves and this an area where people are easily taken advantage of. The objective, I think, must be example. I am not inclined to teach, rather to make an example and others then are encouraged to find their own way. To learn to teach themselves.

Many people are sensitive to spiritual experience but without the skills to cope. People hear and see things that they have no idea how to process. I believe it contributes to mental illness. People become psychotic or develop a psychosis. I believe that those conditions are influenced by the spiritual world. Some people are able to recognize it but have no point of reference, or mechanism to help them cope. The spiritual beings that are most commonly experienced are temporal and they can be dangerous. At least that has been my experience. Unless you have a natural aptitude, and can not avoid recognition of the world of spirits, you need to develop the sensitivity. We all have to ability because we are all spiritual by nature. That is what I believe.

If you have no reason to believe in spirituality, in being a spiritual being, then you do not believe me and I approve of that. You should not believe me if you can not see your way to doing it and I take no offence. If you are a religious person, a person of faith and you do not believe me, I have to ask you why? Is not your faith based on the kind of experience I write about here? The sort of experience you believe people have had. I am writing about my personal experience and am quite sane. Whose experience should I trust if not the experience creation gave me? I exist. Should I expect someone else to have experience for me to base my life on, or trust that if such an experience is possible, I too might have such an experience?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

All is Good All is Well

Am I troubled by agreement? In my recent post, Chalkboards and Other Dark Places, I wrote of self-hate. It had been a problem that built into a climax until I was reduced to dealing only with that. I wrote of spending seventeen days working to sort it out and rid my life of it. That worked and now as I return to blogging… it is coming back. It seems I may have an issue with agreement. I am troubled to be seen as someone who has occult knowledge. That tension makes it difficult for me to share my experience because I tend to start beating myself up and that is distracting. I did learn a couple of tricks to quiet the self-hate mantra that had become so irritating. A subtle affirmative correction that proved to be very powerful and that may help guide me to a place of comfort and ease.

I really like my spiritual experience. It has been and is fulfilling but for some reason sharing it triggers a hostility within myself, toward myself. Writing calms that hostility but after posting a blog entry the pull to beat myself up over it is very powerful. This has been a tough nut. Short of cracking it open, and solving the mystery, it festers and pollutes my life all over again. If I can not understand the trigger I am confident that it will find places, in my past, to take hold and self-hate will repopulate my life. Everyone’s life is fertile ground capable of growing damn near anything. What is this determination to do this to myself?

I imagine it has to do with expectation, my expectation of what others expect from me. Having made that observation it seems obvious that any issue I might have about expectation would have to be about what I expect from myself. What can I possibly do about someone else’s expectation except to do something about my own?  That is probably very easy to fix. A simple affirmation ought to do the trick. What I learned when addressing this issue of self-hate, my recent correction of it, is that the affirmation needs to be spot-on. You see I had been working with an affirmation to deal with the hate for some time. When the notion of hating my life would pester my mind, I would tell myself, ‘I love my life’. Completely ineffective and that was surprising. After rooting out all the places that hate had taken hold in my life I found that the affirmation that dissolved this tendency was ‘All is good, all is well’.

Affirmations are powerful metaphysical tools and I have had great success with them. At this juncture the application of this tool is somewhat different. For years I used affirmations everyday. I would divine some affirmation and then over a few days fine tune it. When I started doing this I would create ten affirmations and throughout the day repeat them. Over time I would move on to a new list. Eventually I think I reduced the active number of affirmations I practiced to three. The difference now is that the affirmation I need is a little more precise. In the past these tools were more like a diet that promoted health, now it seems like I need affirmations that extract a condition rather than create a condition. The true nature of the injury in need of extraction needs to be identified if there is to be any hope of success.

I will try this affirmation; All is good. All is well. Doing what I like best, sharing the secrets of spirituality, of life’s mysteries, brings success. All is good. All is well.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Mission Statement

My spiritual quest is about divine living. I am no holy roller. I am driven by the spiritual concerns of life. It seems to me that if anything is durable it is spirit, certainly its temple of flesh, blood and bone is temporary. People have long been aware of spiritual realms and opinion about matters spiritual span the whole of imagination. For me personally I know that whatever spirit is it is observable, that if a person is inclined to experience the world of spirit it is likely they will.

I have no faith. The only text I consider sacred is the self and providence is the only guide to spiritual growth. If this is not enough then there is no worthy spiritual task. Instead of faith, I have confidence. Things are as they are and that can be observed. I have long believed that I am here to make an example of this. To live the divine life. I believe in magic. I believe that everything you see and experience is produced by it. I believe you are its master, just as am I. I believe in creation, that it happens all the time. It is what is constant. Now. All that might be, all that has been, every possibility is contained in the only moment that anything ever happens, Now. Now is creation. Now is magic. You are its master.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist, ©2012

The Temple of Now

Life shifts and twists as I work for openness. All preparations are being fulfilled as I challenge myself to be completely honest, to walk in the open. There is much complaining within me, protesting, fretting… The raising of concern! It is a big distraction and without merit. I am as I am. I see what I see. I do wonder if I know something that gives rise to my protest, a fate so true to destiny that it will not be avoided. Our history is filled with stories of people who suffered unjust fates. No incentive there. So incentive lies elsewhere. I am confidant that my spiritual health is tied directly to openness. Naked honesty and I am still a little uncomfortable with that. While I have known this day would rise it did not used to be this way. When last my life went under repair, the time before this, it was a spiritual project as well and the rewards were extraordinary. For the most part I could keep it private. It was easy to remain discreet and find people to share my experience with. They were few and I felt safe. That path no longer exists as I am given a new task. It is increasingly clear that this is the way as it is the only way I have found growth. The growth is refreshing and I am finding my spiritual legs once more. With a new task there are new lessons and with the lesson, a new application.

In that past repair I learned a lot about the Key of Solomon. Maybe it is something else but I know it as that and so I will continue to refer to it as such. What I have learned about it in the past is not enough to turn it today and so I am learning to understand a new mystery and secret. Openness is the grease for this wheel, this new lesson, steadily and surely freeing the movements. I can not reclaim the comfort past and so I must look to this new lesson. I can actually see this thing. It is a place, like a temple and a portal. A spiritual place. People think of it as magical but magic does not exist unless all is magic, as I believe it is. Nothing happens except by it. Call it creation if you like, it is the same thing.

I have been working with the Kundalini, puzzling my chakras to see if something is amiss there. The Kundalini is as a pillar and it seems intact, in proper order. It acts as a channel and as I look through it I see myself at a much younger age. The Kundalini is also the center pillar of the Key of Solomon, Providence. Providence passes through the axis that is Now where it is joined by Abundance and Fate. The intersection of these three lines, at the moment of Now, is foundation, and around that is the Temple of Now or the Key of Solomon. It is an actual place. As I look in on myself as a child I begin to see that the child arrived from elsewhere, a new passage I now see. I believe the comfort my child and I seek is through this new-found passage. As I consider it, it generates powerful images and I imagine the passage is active.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012