When Love Fails

Love. What is love? Is it just a choice we make to insulate our emotions from less desirable feelings? Do we love others or is love something we have for our self that we in turn share with others? It is very personal and I expect that no one can love another without first loving their self. We may be part of a community that helps us to love our self and we may truly regard another person, so affectionately, that we are in love. People who love must love themselves if there is to be any love for others.

There are many expressions of love. Love of family and friends, of people in general, of life, of different things and activities, and no discussion of love is complete without the illusive complication that is romantic love.

Let us look at romantic love. Different cultures approach it differently and have different considerations. Across all cultures, I think our hopes and aspirations concerning love, are largely the same and this is true for romance. Certainly love is fraught with failure. It only takes one participant to ruin a marriage and family. Those who are innocent bystanders in such a failure are left to make the best of it and often the salvage falls to one person who steps up to carry the load. This of course is the case when children are involved and a marriage has become poisonous. In such a situation one person can be the difference while the other is so toxic as to threaten everyone’s welfare. Of course both parents in a failed marriage can be supportive and work for the good of the family. That is so easy, so obvious and simple but it is rarely the case. Often neither parent consider the best path forward.

Love is very personal and romantic love is as personal as we get. When a loved one uses this intimacy to harm their partner the violation is durable. Such a person does not love their self or they would not do such a thing. I think, the cause of this sort of dysfunction is often due to misplaced worth. Many people think it is someone else’s responsibility to make them happy. When this type is not happy, they blame the person they have charged with the task, of their happiness, for the failure.

When love fails badly where can a person turn for the resolve to do and build what seems best? It is important not to treat a toxic ex in kind, especially while the marriage is coming apart and then while raising children in the aftermath. There is something that is not love, it is similar but it is not fragile and it has a strength that is inexhaustible; compassion. Compassion is indifferent. It makes no judgement of worth. It is enough. We can choose not to make our self available to it but it is always available. There is no weight greater than it and it can not break. It can not have, and knows, no favorite. Its measure is the same no matter what, it is boundless. We choose it and it is there.

Compassion is an absolute because of its qualities or at least its qualities demonstrate its absolute nature. I consider absolutes touchstones for whatever God might be. It would be a failure to define God and so I am comfortable with whatever God might be and when I consider God I do so by observation of the absolutes; compassion, truth and understanding. When we define God we simply create God in our own image and we all know how troublesome that has been. I have no concern for what God might think of me, if God can even do such, and instead, I strive to do what is best. I do not care about being right or wrong. I see right and wrong as the two sides of the same worthless coin whose purchase has no value. In doing what is best it is not possible to be wrong and there is no need to be right.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

The Stillness I Seek

The Key of Solomon is without moving parts. It is from the Key that the illusion of movement becomes still. The stillness of the Key has no value, the value rests with me. When I am at rest, when I am still, I am the key.

In working to find this stillness I have been puzzling with the absolute known as compassion. It is absolute due to its quality of having only one measure. It is inexhaustible, always enough. A being can not withhold compassion and still have any measure of it. It is absolute, indifferent to fickleness. It remains enough. We can take no ownership of it and are only able to accept it without terms. It is the stillness I seek.

During this time, while I have considered compassion and its application, I have not been able to write and my blog has been silent. I am still here. Often my work is to write but not during this time.

Prior to my lesson on compassion I had been working with the spirit of compassion, Love, in order to spark the stillness that is compassion, I thought to use its spirit. I suppose that worked. It worked due to its failure. It made things worse. In working to repair a recurring theme of self-hate, hating not so much myself but my life, I was using the affirmation, “I love my life”. The truth is there were things that happened that I did not love. Painful, difficult and costly. A cost I have yet to pay, a cost I can not pay. I can not love these things. In my effort to tell myself, “I love my life”, the wound only festered and the echo of hate grew louder. I have no love for life’s difficulty and pain, mine or yours, but when I have compassion I allow life’s pain its place. In the boundless absolute of compassion pain gets lost. We can not hold on to our pain and have compassion. This is the lesson I needed to learn, not to love but to give permission. Admit and accept the pain that life has to offer by the only known remedy, compassion.

While writing this I learned that I had lost a loved one to cancer. A brutally fast departure. On February 1st she arrived at the hospital with what she thought was the flu and today, seventy-eight days later, cancer has taken her life. She was a middle-aged woman with all the familiar details, a daughter, a wife, a mother, and as we all do, as we all will, she left life’s details behind.

It is compassion that reminds us of who we are, even if we can not quite grasp it. When compassion rests with me I am that woman. I am her husband, her son, her mother and all of her loved ones. I am all that ever has been and ever will be. Every damnable act, no matter how heinous, I did that. Every act of kindness, all goodness, the miracles of lore, I did that. It is who I am. Who then are you? You are me, we are the same and there is no mystery.

We are not charged to love life’s pain.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013




What is it that could possibly be unknown, that could escape understanding? Anything able to organize itself well enough to exist reveals every secret. There is no mystery. It is ignorance alone that separates us from enlightenment. No sacred text is written down. The sacred text is who you are and who I am. One only needs to know their self to understand.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Peace Now

Peace. The past exists to remind us. It is not intended that we should carry it but when we do, it is the future. Now is all that is. It intends that we should remember a future better than the past, until we have done our best, and that becomes the past.

Namaste. Peace.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Remembering God

Ask God; Surrender, recall and speak. Surrender perception inviting true recall and speak of what God is.

God. Who can claim any knowledge of God? God of course. How can God be understood? By recollection. Begin by remembering the future. Remember a future you want to remember, a future where God is understood. There is a place, somewhere between birth, and what preceded it, where God is understood. It is something that is best remembered in the future thus avoiding the clutter and confusion between our present state and the past experience of God. In looking to a future, where all is understood, the pitfalls and obstacles of past perceptions are avoided. Remember a future that understands God, free of the prejudice and preconceptions of the past. The past is very insecure and is desperate for us to own it. It is usual for us to do this and carry the past with us into the future, reminding us that it is the same thing. Being the same thing we can remember a future and reverse the trend from the past with a future free of past shortcomings. It seems obvious that we must fully understand the identity and nature that is God as we do in fact exist. It is also obvious that confusion lies in the past. Repair the past by the memory of a future that has already repaired the past, working back from where you want to be and the past becomes the future-past. The answer, that is God, is revealed in a future we choose and the past restored to its whole state by the future. This is the Magic of Now. Now, the only time that exists.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Of Fate and Destiny

Concerning destiny, how is destiny realized? We are given direction by our silent observation detailing where we hail from and return to. Along the way we choose many fates, the consequence of choice past and future, yet destiny is somehow greater than that. Destiny is the canvas on which we paint our fates. The realization of destiny, is fate, resolved as the expression of destiny as fate. When our choices, past and future, represent where we hail from and return to, a clarity of purpose is realized, the authority that is destiny empowers, releasing us from the burden of pointless fates, and destiny becomes the expression of our fate. Realizing destiny is an act of surrender, a willingness to accept the consequence that is without our design but rather that which designed us. Something more powerful, something truly durable and independent of pointless fates.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Standing Room

Open the way making known to all the true identity given to myself. Using the structure of foundation reveal my ability beginning with control of the structure of the pyramid of circumstance. Secure the positions of this pyramid using the base to lift it into place. Using the higher chakras establish as my known person… wisdom. Allow justice and truth to permeate community releasing all conflict, restoring calm by the depth of justice. Present as my identity, my one self, revealing to all, who I am, as I reach the gate to let light reign. Fix identity to permanence attaching circumstance above the crown as the tide of justice fills reality.

We are made of water. Justice is its body. Sometimes we sink to its dark dark depths sometimes we choose to be thrown about on its rough and tumble surface. Between these two is the calm where all is known and understood. Some call it the Kundalini. I know it by a number of names and descriptions. My personal path includes the Kundalini but I know this place as the Key Of Solomon.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Poison Spring

Correcting a wheel that has lost its purpose.

Sometimes we get stuck but yet we carry on disregarding our discomfort. A choice, an action, a problem, is segregated and left in isolation. It becomes a place where we keep our shame, embarrassment, rage, hate… the ugly stuff. When we are angry, embarrassed, when we have lost our patience, it springs from this part of our person. It is that part calling to us. It needs our attention. To be made our center and given redress. In returning to this discomfort we receive the opportunity to let this part of our person make a better choice freeing itself from its demons. This new choice makes us whole, the wheel is freed and we are no longer stuck.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist, ©2012

The Truth

Of all that is, the truth, is what gives confidence. Much is said about it and many claims are made about what is true. The truth does not need defending and it is not held captive by a sacred text. No one and no group is its keeper. Many lies are told and heaped upon it and yet it remains unchanged, it sustains all and is known by all. It remains a great discovery for all who would appreciate it. From the truth nothing is hidden. Its secret lies in its omnipotence. Its thread is the fabric of everything that is, that can be or has been. It can not be known by a sophistication of intellect but rather, we, all, are owned by it. Knowledge of truth is by mere acquaintance, grace.

Its quality is absolute. Omnipotent. No one can possess it. We are given to understand it, to appreciate it. It is its own proof and it creates its own evidence. In understanding its nature it will teach how to make a life represent it. It is not our prize, but rather, we are its prize, should we choose to accept it.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Wooden Ships

The past and the future are intended to fix a moment, now, that can be used to unlock our secrets. The activities of the past determine the possible fates that then draw us forward. Now is the power of choice. We are charged with picking and choosing between the fates we have selected and positioned in the landscape that is our future. We steer our course drawn forward by these fates. We can change the landscape, that is time, giving redress to motive and unpinning the force associated with the past. Much of what we do, now, is with great force. That force broadcasts powerful images into our future. Expectations that are fates. A number of these fates are very powerful, strong enough to force the habits that make certain their fruition.

I have made a habit of unpinning the disastrous choices in my past and correcting the drift caused by their assorted fates. These corrections have now left me adrift looking for a new gravity to power how I am. It is a problem I have not faced before. The gravity of past and future mistakes is vacant and I am haunted only by their memories. It seems I have freed ‘now’ from many of the false constraints so common to being human. But what to do now? I hear the echos rattling around. Past attitudes like sirens calling my name. There is a certain combination, a key here that unlocks this secret. Will I get it right this time? Have I finally decided it is something I am willing to do? I hope so, otherwise it is wearing me out.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012