Finding Truth in a World of Lies

If not the life we live, what is prayer? We all pray. Panic, anxiety, chaos, doubt, blame, fear, pride, form disposition, attitude presented within our spiritual environment. While I am confident that it is not usually the case, prayer is most useful when it is deliberate. Panic or fear do not generally calm us to be prayerful from a positive posture of mind. Anxiety tends to be chronic and its prayer perpetuates it. Chaos, doubt and blame work the same way to diminish a more useful presence of mind, and pride, bends poor attributes to seem proper.

Pride is a common theme and spiritual posture.

Many do value pride and use pride to hammer poor qualities into the cultural trophies we all desire. It is marshaled to rescue us from all manner of slight and harm. We imagine we deserve our trophies, that we have somehow earned them. On the other hand, the flip side, we imagine our failure is earned as well and blame ourselves for that.

When we look at the world around us, considering the circumstance of people less fortunate, people born into dire difficulties; how true is our pride? None-the-less, it is a useful hammer to forge our circumstance, no matter how dire its outlook or good its fortune, into something more comfortable. Something we can own as if we earned it. This conveniently allows us to blame others for their condition, good or bad, because pride requires this juxtaposition if it is to be true.

Prayer, the way we structure our identity in relationship to the myriad of concerns in which we are, is done in concert with everyone and everything else. Our mindfulness gathers around us a supporting cast. This is prayer. The world we shape is our collective prayer. There are many impositions generated of this. They are required if our collective posture is to be maintained.

In my experience, there are spiritual beings that work to fulfill our prayer. I have seen them. Some are Satans, some are Demons, some are Devils, some are Angles, some are Divas and some are Ascendant Beings. They work with us to manage our creation, and, to the extent to which our creation is false, we are its God. We alone are responsible for the lies we believe.

My prayer is to walk in this world, the world of lies, and be true.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist © 2018