Life and death. Is there any difference? My life is but a fleeting moment against known time. How could there be any difference? There is not and so I think I must be alive.

I spoke with Jesus one day and he told of surrender. That if I were to surrender to Jesus I only need surrender to myself. That like me, a woman had given him birth. He was a being so brilliant that a robe covered all but his head and feet, otherwise I could not approach.

Satan cares nothing about you or me. It is our caring for Satan that harms us. If we just let Satan go, Satan is gone and we walk in the light where we belong. Because we are not dead, and life is so brief, death could be of little consequence. We are alive. There can be no mistake. It ends where it came from. Choose your path carefully because that is where you are going. It does not end.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Temporal Spirits

Considering that we are spiritual, as I do, it is wise to accept that some spirits are temporal. Just as are we. We do exist. We are aware. I think existence and awareness are independent of my temporal expression. That there is an eternal or everlasting quality that is independent of my biologically based expression, except that, I exist, I am aware. We are animated, or another way to say that is that we have spirit. It is spirit that animates us. Much of our spiritual experience, as temporal beings, is also temporary. It is this temporal spiritual interaction that we are most accustomed to as spiritual beings. We interact with each other spiritually. It is not something we pay a lot of attention to but we are constantly interacting in a spiritual realm. We can see this represented in our daily lives. The example that always comes first to my mind is this; I think we all turn to see the person we are sure is looking at us and see them doing just that. What communication is at play?

I see these spiritual expressions, or at least I believe I do. Perhaps I have simply structured a framework to explain the experience that I am familiar with but at any rate I have experience that supports my explanation. I am also familiar with spiritual beings that present themselves as being independent of biologic form. I know them as Angels and Ascendant Beings. I am also familiar with Demons, Devils and Satans and have come to believe that these only exist in temporal spiritual realms. We make agreements in our temporary spiritual world with all of these influences. Most of these agreements are accumulative. We do not sit around and fashion the choices we make that form our spirit presence, we just find our self the product of the accumulative subconscious habit of thought. By and large we ignore the spiritual conversation we are always engaged in. It is difficult to have a habit of ignorance without giving way to full-blown denial. There you have it. Nothing could be more obvious than our spiritual experience. Why are we so determined to corrupt our rich and powerful spiritual experience with denial and ignorance? It amazes me. I of course am just writing about the experience that I have and my interpretation of it.

Much of what we experience spiritually is generated by us and expressed into the shared realm of temporal spiritual experience. We each then cope with that. Some of us are better at it than others. Some people are hypersensitive to spiritual expression, auditory, visual, whatever and often this can cause emotional or psychological dysfunction. Most people seem to completely ignore their spiritual experience because they have other more pressing concerns. I sometimes wish I was that person but I am not.

Some days ago I wrote The Psychology of Spirit. I only posted it this morning but I wrote it several days ago. Since then I have been sorting out a spiritual landscape that has a lot of useless temporary spiritual expression. My quest is divine life and that means creating a spiritual place free of useless spiritual expression. That is what lifts the temporal spiritual presence to experience a spiritual realm that is more durable. That is true.

This is not new territory for me but it is different. For years people would approach me, in spirit form, and ask for my help. At the time I was very familiar with Angels, Ascendant Beings and the like because they also made a habit of approaching me. I would do what I could to help. It was really a fun time. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. This work was done privately, discreetly. It is a luxury I am no longer allowed. Those were powerful times and they continue to give me strength as I work to restore my spiritual integrity. If I am to restore my casual acquaintance with Angels and such I have to make my spiritual life public. At least that is the path I am being offered. I have never done that before and it brings stuff into our shared spiritual room that I am not familiar with. I have to puzzle it as I go. It is a lot of work. Who knows if I can do it or if it is worth it? This stuff does not pay the bills, at least not in the short-term and all of my eggs are in this basket. Wish me luck.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2013

Mom’s House

Wondering what I would do this morning I am directed to write. Looking for a topic an idea, anything that is worthy of writing and I see an image. Surprised to see this one, did not expect it. It is an image similar to the Medusa Head. This thing is all arms and hands and moves effortlessly in any direction. It holds on to what we are ignorant of, holding it so tight against us that we see neither this being or what it clings to. What clings to us, by virtue of our agreement with this Satan.

Satans are spiritual beings. I do not believe that they exist outside of  temporal realities. In other words they have no durable quality that I recognize, but they are real. As I consider them I expect that we created them. Human Beings imagined them into existence. That is my supposition. There is no reason to fear them as they have no authority beyond our choice to associate with them. In recognizing them the agreement we made to keep their acquaintance can be broken. They only work to keep from us what we are given to do and only because we have asked them to. These agreements can be broken without mystic sight. (You do not have to see them to dissolve an agreement made with them). Me, my mystic life is very visual and so I see them. I see the spiritual world. I only know that I see it, and, seeing it I am left to accept it as actual, an experience I have.

Let us see what I have asked this Satan to hide in the darkness of my ignorance. In looking I see negative emotion (rage, hate, grief and the like) waifing through my being. This emotion is anchored to me by the grip of this Satan and the agreement made with it. In January of 1999 I was forty-six years old with two children ages nine and twelve. I had been a full-time single parent for four years at this time. My wife had been actively working to undermine my finances and my financial condition was that of ruin. I was presented an opportunity to move my children and myself into my mother’s house a few blocks away. I did. I was extremely embarrassed and ashamed of the condition I had managed to get myself in. The agreement I made with this Satan is to hold on to the shame. It replicates itself in subtle ways throughout my life but this is where it lives. Its source-point. Love, acceptance and approval should melt the grip and let the Satan slip away.

I should mention that moving in with mom was a true blessing. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer not long after we arrived and we lived with her in her remaining five years. She really liked that. It gave me the opportunity to keep my children safe and to divorce my wife. She got the most notorious Family Law Attorney in the county and I a well-respected run of the mill type. I simply threw myself at the mercy of the court and my children were given permission to be at my house everyday, even the days they were with their mother. The custody arrangement gave the children a long weekend every other week at their moms and the rest of the time with me. Unheard of in the state of California. My lawyer was impressed. He told me that this kind of arrangement, for men, happened less than 15% of the time. I rose a pair of healthy well-adjusted successful children.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Sophomore and The Satan

As a sophomore in high school I was very bright, especially when it came to math. Today it is all I can do to add and subtract simple numbers. At age twenty-one I struggled to teach myself that two and three is five. For about three months in 1972 I took a lot of speed. Pretty sure that is where eleven years of math went. Could have been 1971, it does not matter. I would love to have the math back but am fortunate that is the only lasting damage to my intellect. My mind still works the same way, I just can’t remember my math. Sadly when I was that sophomore I decided to quit all effort at school, including math. I quickly fell behind and my brightness faded. Today as I work to restore my spiritual life I am being directed to revisit this poor decision as a sophomore. I have worked on it for some time now, never quite able to identify what the underlying issue is, until now. A Satan has taken refuge in the embarrassment I felt as my prowess in math class disappeared. The decision to give up and quit all effort in school initiated a downward spiral in my life and the Satan joined me to aid in my demise. We rarely know these guys are around. That is part of the deal we make with them. Now as I recognize the time, the place and that a Satan is involved it is plain to see and recognize the nature of this particular Satan.

This Satan has the traditional look of a Satan. A barbed tail and what appear to be horns. It actually has no horns rather it has four faces and when it looks you in the face it appears to have horns. The faces spew an uninterrupted rational to keep us fixed and populate our experience with whatever difficulty can be wrung out of a bad decision. We become ignorant of this influence and deny it all together. The tail is used to enter us in the most intimate way and in the closeness of the relationship we lose all sight of the source of this evil influence. It is an association we invite and so we can not blame these for our plight. I have rid myself of this difficulty in the past but they come back if we decide to take up with difficulty again.

This Satan has been very annoying and I have physically felt its presence for a long time. It seems so obvious now and I now know the source of negative thought that I have tried to shake. This four faced liar has been speaking it over and over hoping I would give chase. There are other ways to rid a life of negative influence, whether you name them as I have or not. For me, today, this is the way. These influences can not survive the light and moving it from a dark recess in my past the contract that kept it there is void.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Ikisat The Serpent

The company I keep enforces the contract I crafted when I chose their acquaintance. We contract with all manner of spiritual beings and those are the agreements to which I refer. There are beings that reveal the true nature of the agreements we make with them and others who, by our agreement, deceive us. I do not know that it is possible to get through life without contracting with both of these types. I know of none who have and I have heard no stories to suggest any person ever has. Of these beings one of the most troublesome I have known is Ikisat.

I first met Ikisat decades ago. Ikisat is a Satan who is as a serpent. As with all Satans we must make a contract, an agreement with them, in order to be influenced and fooled by them. Because all Satans are liars when we make an agreement with them we are instantly corrupted with their lie and we deny the knowledge of our agreement. We even deny the existence of the Satan with whom we have made the agreement. It is all part of our bargain. We accept the lie and in doing so we lie to ourselves at the very moment of the bargain we strike. They are just liars and when we make an agreement with them we only fool our self and deny our divine existence. Satans only wield influence. We choose to align with them and the only authority they have is the choice that you or I make. Without our authority they have nothing. I know of five different types of Satans but the serpent is the most intimate. The serpent enters our being through any orifice and as such is an extremely corrupting influence.

Any discussion of spiritual beings is incomplete without the mention of Angels. Angels guide and protect us even when we inadvertently become corrupted by the Satanic influence so common in our human community. Satans are not to be feared. They cause no harm as they can only influence. They are to be understood. When we see the nature of our relationship with them we can appreciate the difficulty we all face. This appreciation gives opportunity to exercise compassion and to move and act by its spirit, love.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012