The Antichrist

Christ. Christ is the dominate theme in my life. No, I am not a Christian or in any other way religious. I am the Antichrist. I am here to dispel the myth of who Christ was. If I were religious the notion that a woman gave birth to God would be blasphemy. Jesus was as ordinary a man as there ever was. How can I be so sure? A woman gave him birth.

When we say that Jesus was any way other than the way we are, we insult Jesus as well as ourselves. If it were possible to insult God, obviously it is not, claiming that God was so taken with a woman that she became pregnant and bore God a child, well that would pretty much do it. The same logic applies to the sin of blasphemy. How could we possibly offend God? We only sin against ourselves.

The story of Jesus Christ is meaningless if he is not who we are. The Christian doctrine has turned the story of this simple mans life into a cautionary tale. Complete with the implied threat of crucifixion or worse. See what happened to Jesus when he lived as he did. Only God can do as Jesus did. Step out of line and you will go to hell. A woman gives birth and a child is born. A child just as were you. The child Jesus grew into a man and made proof of our divine nature. It really is that simple. Why so much disrespect for Jesus, for ourselves? Why so little confidence in God?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Highway To Hell Is A Two Way Street

Brown Bear Cooke City Montana

Just back from a couple of weeks vacationing. I had a great time visiting Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Tetons National Parks. There was no time for writing and I had little to no internet service. I shall see if I have something to write today.

The Highway To Hell Is A Two Way Street

The spiritual landscape of human relations contains the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. All of our spiritual influences are found there. Much of what influences us spiritually is not true and confusion and fear are born of it. In a community there can be no escape from what comprises the content of the community and we find some way to accept the condition we find our self a part of. In this world of spiritual diversity angles are our guardians. The better our nature the more likely it is that our connection with their guardianship will be strong. It makes no difference what we think about matters spiritual, the fact of our spiritual condition is independent of that. What I am writing is my account of personal experience.

When I find myself in a communal environment that is stressful it taxes my angelic associations. I have to choose to grow stronger associations with the angels or allow the strain to weaken them. Much like going through a storm except my spiritual health is entirely a matter of choice. As a comparison I will use some dry humor; The highway to hell is a two-way street… which way are you going?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Unmasking Michael

My return to the scene of the crime should not take very long. I am the crime scene as well as the perp. My effort to disfigure, disguise and deny myself seems intended to keep me from myself. As I work to uncover the child who I once knew myself to be, my body double works beside me recommitting the crime. Who is this masked man, this imitation me? He is my ego. My ego wants to be my protector by insulating me and making sure that I am not seen. It seems the only path to Michael, the child within me, that I am intended to be, is reconciliation. I must make amends with my ego. He is not some stranger, he is entirely the product of my child self. It is this person I must nurture and make well if I am to reveal my true self, unmasked. This ego is my creation and only by creating the ego, I want to be, will the promise of my life be realized. I remember my child, he was magical and he used the magic to create a mask and hide.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Fact of Creation

Creation has at least created controversy and so it is plain to see it actually exists. While that is a glib statement concerning creation it is also true. Creativity, or creation, is evident in everything we do and experience. Its most useful exercise is to use our creative authority to be who we are. It is not usual for most people to do this. Many people do this to varying degrees but to actually realize who we are, absent false examples of self, to be only who without the false ownership that is the mask we call our self, is unusual.

Most people consider creation in biblical terms. I do as well but I do not consider the Bible to be the word of God. It is a book written by men for men, as God quite simply does not write books. To write a book and then claim it as a Divine authority is obviously dishonest. If we actually had confidence in the Divine we would have little use for the book as our relationship with God would be direct. A direct relationship is the only possible relationship any person could hope to have with God or the Divine. This is true whatever God is and even if God is naught.

The Bible, or any other sacred text, is only intended to allude to God or some manifestation, or example of, enduring value. The language of God makes no sound, no hand writes it down, no eye reads it, no tongue speaks it and it is understood by all. This is how we know God, by accepting that whatever God is, or even if God is naught, it is acceptable and God means us no harm. We need to accept that God can not possibly suffer any injury and the only sin we can commit is against our self.

We recognize and experience creation in our daily life as we see its plain and simple expression is everywhere. This blog entry proves that as it did not exist before I wrote it. All creation is like that, creation just is and it only happens at one time. Not one thing has ever happened at any other time than the singular moment that is now. The past and the future is contained there in its entirety. Nothing escapes it. Now is the moment of creation and none escape it.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012