Of Fate and Destiny

Concerning destiny, how is destiny realized? We are given direction by our silent observation detailing where we hail from and return to. Along the way we choose many fates, the consequence of choice past and future, yet destiny is somehow greater than that. Destiny is the canvas on which we paint our fates. The realization of destiny, is fate, resolved as the expression of destiny as fate. When our choices, past and future, represent where we hail from and return to, a clarity of purpose is realized, the authority that is destiny empowers, releasing us from the burden of pointless fates, and destiny becomes the expression of our fate. Realizing destiny is an act of surrender, a willingness to accept the consequence that is without our design but rather that which designed us. Something more powerful, something truly durable and independent of pointless fates.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Identity of Christ

Reveal, using mystic calculus, the identity, capability and person of Christ. OK. In my usual way I pulled that sentence, word by word… from where? It is actually a topic I like to avoid, at least publicly. If I keep the rage calm perhaps I can breach even this topic. It is my rage, concerning this, that muddies the water rising a cloud to obscure what would otherwise be obvious. I know the identity of Christ. It is the nature of Christ that we all know this, Christ, is simply known by all. We just find our own way to muddy things up and avoid the issue. Anyone who brings divine living to fruition is Christ. It is not a matter saintly action, it is just matter of fact. Bring to the temporal reality, the temple of flesh, blood and bone, he who is. The human soul. Make the temple a place where the soul is who and how you are and Christ walks and talks. Secrets are no more. All mysteries fall away.

There, that was easier than I thought it would be.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Fate or Destiny

Fate results from how we are and is fickle, temperamental. An endless cycle of repetition, the past forever trying to get our attention so we might choose a better future. Destiny is who we are, our soul calling us, prodding us, to choose that better future. While these are not designed as the same thing when we choose our destiny they are the same.

Michael. The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Wardrobe Planning

On considering the composition of myself, as I find myself today, I see my wardrobe has become outdated and ill-fitting. Past decisions are now poorly suited for what I have to do. As I fashion my new image the materials I have to work with are present by the choices I have already made. These choices can not be discarded and I am charged to create, to make the choice that suits me best. The old clothes are baggy and fitted with pockets, excuses or permission to get to it later. What I find in my pockets would own me and it, or they, fashion the cloth I find in my wardrobe. I find that the old clothes are baggy in order to accommodate my collection of spirit and that collection of spirit wants to maintain the home my wardrobe has become. As I dress myself for the day these work to fashion myself as I had been. On considering the spirits that would clothe me I discover that the choice I make creates a path that leads away from them and it is a new landscape that becomes my clothes. I come to see that the cloth I created was unnecessary and that providence alone suits me best.

The time to choose is constant and my improved choice allows the spirits I allowed to craft my poor wardrobe to carry it off, along with themselves, into the void of darkness. This creates a buoyancy and I begin to draw in light. In this light spirits of a different nature are found and I find that the clothes I chose are not needed. I have nothing to hide or cover up. There is nothing to be protected from. To be in this community, to find myself this way, I am only asked to choose. When I choose the clothes for which I have no need the choice creates a place. A place such a wardrobe is needed for. When I choose to let that go I find myself in the place I am created for and a part of the community known to all who travel there.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Who How or Both. The Ego

The invention that is my self. My birth, its place and time, the community of my genes and the context of my human environment, give how I am a default footprint. I am free to fashion that as I will. I create the environment for my self that restrains truth or lets truth reign. It is my ego that is this deciding force, that presents the example and expresses my choice. Truth has a community. It is absolute, it can suffer no harm and nothing exists without it. Where truth reigns what is absolute is known by who is. The ego can choose to allow this person, the who of how, to forge the ego into its useful tool. To be who I am. When how I am is who I am, I am who am. This is the quest, the prize, the secret of mysticism. To choose to be who am and surrender the temporal person providing my soul a human throne. A temporal place to be who am.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Self Control

Isolating control, identifying my creator, the person who made me how I am. Shrouded by emotion, determination, accusation, and accumulation there is a collector. There is the architect of self who manufactures a person. Behaviors, attitudes, disposition and personality are all discretionary. I create the person the world knows me to be. There is a who of me and I can be this person, choosing instead to form my person to resemble my soul. My existence, independent of the unnecessary characteristics created as I pretended not to have a soul. Something more durable than flesh. For the soul to live, as flesh, I must accept it as my self. My soul can disassemble, who I am not, revealing who I am and how it is intended for me to be. All of the secrets of existence are known by the soul and the soul longs to share them, first with me, and then with the world.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Unmasking Michael

My return to the scene of the crime should not take very long. I am the crime scene as well as the perp. My effort to disfigure, disguise and deny myself seems intended to keep me from myself. As I work to uncover the child who I once knew myself to be, my body double works beside me recommitting the crime. Who is this masked man, this imitation me? He is my ego. My ego wants to be my protector by insulating me and making sure that I am not seen. It seems the only path to Michael, the child within me, that I am intended to be, is reconciliation. I must make amends with my ego. He is not some stranger, he is entirely the product of my child self. It is this person I must nurture and make well if I am to reveal my true self, unmasked. This ego is my creation and only by creating the ego, I want to be, will the promise of my life be realized. I remember my child, he was magical and he used the magic to create a mask and hide.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012